Shout Out to the Caregivers

Shout out to the caregivers.

The ones who take off from work to be with us during long and sometimes tough procedures.
The ones who would drop anything to take you to where you need to be.
The ones who hold you when you cry and make you feel safe when you are most vulnerable.
The ones who would do anything to switch spots with you in a heartbeat and want to take the pain from you.

Shout out for staying in my hospital room on a cot, watching me sleep while you get none.
To the ones who attend every single appointment with you, taking the time out of their jam-packed day to listen to our options and how to move forward.
To the ones who ever give up on us, when we want to give up on ourselves.
To the ones who kiss us in our hospital beds and sometimes, even crawl into bed with us.
To the ones who drop everything to come and make sure that you are situated properly.
To the ones who don't know what they can do and fear is plastered across their face.
To the ones who lose just as much as us when we are hospitalized, require surgery and have a much longer road ahead of us.
To the ones who never let us say "I quit".

So, caregivers, thank you.

Thank you for listening.
Thank you for being silent when we need it.
Thank you for speaking up when we don't have the energy or humility.
Thank you for putting your life and sometimes, dreams, on hold for us.
Thank you for putting us first, even when you grit your teeth and have to cancel plans to do that.
Thank you for the reassurance that things are going to be OK.
Thank you for embracing us when we're too tired and scared to tell you that we are.
Thank you for accepting my illness into your life, even though you may not fully understand how complicated it can be.
Thank you for researching and trying to learn more about what my disease is.
Thank you for being my voice when I'm unable to speak.
Thank you for being there.

Thank you.

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