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Amanda Osowski

IBD Community Advocate Amanda OsowskiAmanda Osowski, is a Clinical Enrollment Specialist, working in patient recruitment for clinical trials across the country. Amanda was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in January 2016, after suffering for more than 6 years with disease-related symptoms. Through the years, Amanda has endured numerous hospitalizations, countless medications and flare-ups, and also now copes with a handful of related conditions.

Amanda is based in Chicago, IL and has spent the last decade passionately fighting for patients of all types to assert their own voice, advocate for themselves, and ultimately see an improvement in their quality of life.

In 2017, Amanda began looking for ways to supplement her professional knowledge with personal experience, which led her to involvement in the Breakthrough Crew, WEGO Health’s Patient Leaders, and Amanda is focused on providing quality resources to anyone who may need them, especially chronic illness patients.

You can find her on Instagram @amanda.osowski and on Twitter @amandabosowski sharing snippets of every day life, including but not limited to a new puppy, beautiful scenery, quotes, favorite products, and snapshots of life with IBD.

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