Elizabeth Alvarez

IBD Community Advocate Elizabeth AlvarezElizabeth Alvarez, 33, was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2011. She was 21 years old and endured many years of suffering with severe abdominal cramping, vomiting, diarrhea, bloody stool, anemia, weight loss, fever, eye infection, joint pain, mouth sores, hair loss, anxiety attacks, the works.

Hospitalized dozens of times for upwards of two weeks consecutively, she knows all too well what it’s like to receive blood transfusions, iron transfusions, IV steroids, IV pain medications, emergency colonoscopies, talks of surgery and TPN. She understands the feeling of helplessness that is often married with dealing with IBD, as jumping from different medications, steroid treatment, and trying biologics can leave you feeling depleted.

Today, Elizabeth is finally thriving despite her diagnosis. Currently, she is taking Xeljanz and managing her symptoms with diet, supplements and lifestyle change. As a professional classical dancer, 2015 was the last time she performed on stage professionally with the Metropolitan Opera in NYC, as her severe condition forced her to quit her performance contract. She is now on track to begin training again and return back to stage.

Elizabeth wants nothing more than to share her story, knowledge and special tips she has learned over the 12 years of living with Crohn’s. Her blog thedancingcrohnie.com shares amazing information and encouraging words to those dealing with IBD. Subscribe to her blog, follow her on Instagram @thedancingcrohnie, like her Facebook page The Dancing Crohnie and follow her Pinterest account The Dancing Crohnie to keep in touch!

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