Jackie Zimmerman

community advocate Jackie ZimmermanJackie was previously an advocate on InflammatoryBowelDisease.net.

Jackie Zimmerman has been in the patient advocacy game for over a decade and has established herself as an authority on chronic illness, patient-centric healthcare and patient community building.

She began as a blogger shortly after her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2006 and later continued to (over)share her battle with ulcerative colitis (UC) in 2009. In navigating her way around having UC, she saw a massive hole in support for women living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and ostomies. In 2012, Jackie founded Girls With Guts, a nonprofit that offers education and support for women around the globe.

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Jackie’s had the privilege of giving keynote speeches and presentations, traveling to the Hill, sitting on various advisory boards, and partaking in countless other opportunities all in the name of improving healthcare and sharing the patient experience.

By day she’s an online marketing consultant, a chronic over committer, a wife to Adam, a pet mom to four furbabies and by night she's probably already asleep.

You can find her online at JackieZimmerman.co,Twitter,Facebook and LinkedIn.

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