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Matt Nagin

Matt Nagin Matt Nagin is a writer, educator, actor, filmmaker, and standup comedian. Matt has taught college writing at seven universities in the NYC area, among them Fordham, Long Island University, and The Fashion Institute of Technology. In 2018, his poem, “If We Are Doomed,” won The Spirit First Editor’s Choice Award. Another poem, “Birds Singing In His Chest,” was published in the anthology “New York’s Best Emerging Poets 2019.” He has two poetry books available on Amazon, “Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight,” and “Feast of Sapphires,” both of which have obtained very strong critical and reader reviews. Kirkus Reviews, for example, referred to Matt’s first book as “powerful verse from a writer of real talent.” As an actor, Matt has appeared on a wide range of TV and film programs, most recently in a Co-Star role in a scene with Al Pacino, in a new Amazon series, “The Hunt,” produced by Jordan Peele. As a filmmaker, Matt’s short, “Inside Job,” won awards on the festival circuit. Somehow, Matt has managed to do all this in spite of suffering with Crohn’s disease for thirty years, and, three years ago, getting hit by a car while crossing the street as a pedestrian (which has caused a host of issues). Matt’s latest creation is an original rap music video, about Crohn’s disease, that is now available on YouTube and was created for an event at The Garden City Hotel, where The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation granted Matt the Mission Award. More info is available at

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