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Shawn is a writer and patient advocate. Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at 17 years old, Shawn now shares, what she calls, "stories of strength" on her website, Shawntel struggled for many years after her diagnosis attempting countless prescriptions, diets and treatment plans.

Unfortunately, in spite of it all, she never achieved remission and would eventually live with a temporary Ostomy. In mid 2015, Shawn had her Ostomy reversed and currently lives with a J-Pouch. Shawn is located just outside of Charlotte, NC and is currently studying to become a Certified Health Coach as she finishes her Business Management degree

She looks forward to using her education to further enhance her advocacy efforts and help others who are suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Shawn encourages patients not to suffer in silence, and through her articles, blogs, videos and advocacy work, she hopes to inspire people to share their stories and advocate for what they believe in.

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