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Accessible Devices/Technology That Made 2018 Easier On Me

2018 brought a lot of changes for me. I started out with a bit of a flare that resulted in my being inpatient for more than a month and living in and out of treatment rooms and doctor’s offices. It was hard. It was grueling. It was more than I could deal with alone.

Here are some things that have helped me get through the last year when things got really rough and I had a hard time living on my own and completing tasks:

GrubHub/Uber Eats

This has made my life significantly easier. My body, unfortunately, prefers processed, icky foods, which I rarely give into. But there have been times I can’t leave the house due to a multitude of things. There are places that take your order online and run to the store for you. This, by far, has been my favorite convenience. The parts I like most about ordering out is that I can pick anything I want. Usually, it is noted if the restaurant is gluten free as well.

Dash button

I use dash buttons to reorder & replenish supplies I know I purchase monthly, etc. Anything from toilet paper to laundry soap to cereals to pillows can be ordered and delivered/shipped right to your door in less than 48 hours. Living in the Midwest in winter can also be a struggle for people just to leave their homes safely. This has also been useful when I have not been able to drive after leaving the hospital. What’s more convenient than pushing a button to have whatever you want to be delivered?

Google Home/Amazon Alexa/Apple Home

I used my echo dot a lot this year. Setting timers, asking Alexa questions she can Google for me, and turning devices on/off has been really great during painful times when I can hardly get out of bed. This helped a lot when I was in the hospital for a period of time last year. It also can read you books as well. There are many accessibility positives to owning one of these pieces of equipment. It’s loud enough that I don’t have any issues using it in my small apartment. I can hear it well throughout the house and 9/10 times, Alexa can hear me well. Having a hard time complying with your medication times? Ask Alexa to remind you and you’ll never forget!

Sleep machine

My therapist’s office has white noise machines in every corner of the rooms to help deter talking in their clinics, as well as privacy. I’ve learned over the years that I don’t like waves or the ordinary white noise sounds, so a sleep machine was kind of not an option for me. But there are many available for purchase that has upwards of 50+ sounds, noises, and environments that help you feel at ease. I have used mine during meditation as well as going to bed at night.

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