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Airport Tips & Tricks

Recently, I wrote an article about tricks you could use if you were traveling. These tricks would make traveling for anybody with IBD easier. A few days ago, I found myself back at the airport. I was traveling out west once again. As I prepared to enter the airport, I decided to put those same tricks to the test. Here are the results.

The bathroom by baggage claim

Because I was traveling during the holidays, I knew that the lines would be extra long. After deplaning, I really wanted to use the restroom, and I saw that everybody on the airplane was running to the one that was close to the gate. I decided to hurry up to the bathroom by baggage claim. Nobody uses them, because either they went already or they are waiting for their bags. Boy was I right. There might have been one other person in the fifteen stall bathroom. So yes, this trick does work!

Drink minimal liquids before boarding the flight

I love coffee! I really had to fight myself not to drink it before I got on the airplane. I knew that it was going to be a jammed packed fight. Knowing my luck, I would be in the middle seat on the airplane. So I had minimal liquids before I boarded the flight, and I did not have to get up once!

Stay calm and be sure to breathe

Boy, did I have to force myself to stay calm. My flights heading west were very very bumpy. They were so bad, that they flight attendants could not serve drinks. When I connected in St. Louis for my last leg of my journey, that flight was just as bad. I don’t like turbulence; I don’t think anybody does. I really did keep myself calm on the flights. I just took big deep breaths in and out, and before I knew it, we were on the ground.

Use the bathroom before getting in the security line

The one tip that I almost forgot to do was use the bathroom BEFORE going into the TSA security line. I noticed that the line was extremely long, because of the holiday travel weekend. I also noticed a trend with people. People get all worked up, and feel that they need to get through security so quick. I decided to take my time. I recognized that there was a bathroom located a few hundred feet from the TSA checkpoint. I calmly used the bathroom, which was not crowded, and got in line. Yes, I stood in line for an hour, but I did not have to worry about running to the bathroom. And I did my breathing, which kept me calm.

Traveling can be tough even for the person who is extremely healthy

Don’t think for a second that your best friend who has the best health can’t come down with a twenty-four-hour virus. You have to prepare for the worst. If it means packing every over the counter item needed to get your through your trip, you do it. Us as fellow Crohnies– Help others. Share with your friends and families what tricks you have used while traveling. If we can help another fellow person travel with ease, than it’s a win for both of us- Cheers!

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  • thedancingcrohnie moderator
    1 year ago

    Great tips!

    I travel often and the tip about using the bathrooms at baggage claim is a good one! I have always noticed that yes, those bathrooms are usually empty as everyone that has to go usually uses the ones next to the gate they deplane from. I’ll be doing that from now on. Thanks!

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

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