Antibiotics Are The Worst!

I have not had much luck lately. My immune system is compromised because of the medications I take for Crohn’s. But every little thing that I get, I have to take extra precaution because it could turn into an infection. And if the infection gets into my blood stream, then I wind up back in the hospital. What luck!

Recently, I started to see a small bump on my back, right below my neck. I didn’t pay it much mind. Over the next few weeks, I watched it grow. It looked like a huge pimple, but I knew that it was infected. I went to my primary doctor, who had to drain it. It turned out to me a infected hair follicle.

When he told me, “I have to put you a fourteen day regimen of antibiotics, just to be safe,” I cringed.

My primary doctor knew why. He knew that the antibiotics were going to turn my Crohn’s into a whirlwind. But what choice did I have right? After giving him a bit of an argument, there was no backing off, and there I was on my way to the pharmacy ready to fill these “horse pills.” I knew my stomach was going to put me through a week of misery.

The reason I have such issues with my stomach with antibiotics, is because the antibiotics get rid of the good flora in my GI tract. That causes me to have horrible urgency, increased bowel movements, gas and bloating. I do take a probiotic to help replace the good bacteria back into my stomach, but when I am on the antibiotics, nothing helps.

The first few days I do pretty well.

This time, it was not until the third full day, that I felt horrible.

I felt like my stomach was as big as a hot air balloon. I literally had to go into the men’s faculty bathroom, which is disgusting, and lay on the floor. My stomach was so full of air that I had to lay down, and scrunch my legs up in the fetal position to try to pass gas. I know it might sound funny, but it was very painful. The week went by pretty quickly, but I really was uncomfortable. I was so glad to be off the antibiotics. By this weekend, my stomach was back to normal.

Now, as you know, I am a schoolteacher. Especially this time of years, the flu is going around. And wouldn’t you know, I came down with a terrible cold. I had to stop taking my Humira, until the cold goes away. This week I was put back on antibiotics to fight this sickness off. So here I am, back where I started last week. I have horrible urgency, bloating, and pain. I'd rather have the cold without the stomach issues. I wonder if there are any other natural remedies that my fellow Crohn’s and Colitis family members use to ease their way when they are on antibiotics. At this point, I will take any advice!

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