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5 Ways to show your caregiver you care.

It’s no secret, Crohn’s disease is a difficult journey. And not only does the hard journey affect the patient it also affects the people closest to the patient as well. Spouses, friends, family, they all get hit hard by this disease and everyone endures the hardships together at some point.

The challenges of being a caregiver for someone with Crohn’s

But to be frank, at least from my experience, it is the caregiver that can be hit the hardest. Whoever that may be, whether a spouse, family member or friend, it is your caregiver that can endure some of the hardest moments in your Crohn’s journey.

Caring for a sick loved one is incredibly stressful. Not only are the daily tasks and responsibilities overwhelming, but it is also the emotional factor that can make things more intense. When you are emotionally attached to a sick one, the pain of seeing them endure painful symptoms is heartbreaking. So on top of the stresses of helping your loved one with almost every daily task, your heart is breaking on the inside watching them struggle.

We couldn’t handle Crohn’s without our caregivers

Therefore, it is important, that as a receiver of care, we make sure to show our caregivers much love. We can’t let them forget how much we appreciate their service to us, because without them, how would we do it? It is our caregivers that bring us warm broth, make sure we are taking our meds, tuck us in bed and know which pair of sweats is our favorite. They are indispensable.

5 ways to show appreciation to our caregivers:

Random notes

I love this idea because it is so simple and so effective. Leave a random note for your caregiver. Whether you stick it inside their purse, place it in one of their drawers for them to see on a random day, or stick it on their bathroom mirror for a morning surprise, write a simple message and let them know you appreciate them.

Whether you say: “Thank you for taking care of me, I love you,” or “I see all of your hard work caring for me, thank you from the bottom of my heart,” a note like this will mean the world to them. Try it!

Shoot them a text

Perhaps your caregiver is out collecting a prescription for you, or doing groceries; send them a nice text while they are out to let them know you are thinking of them. Words of kindness go such a long way.

Surprise them with food

Food makes everyone happy. Perhaps on a hard or stressful day, order your caregiver their favorite meal off of Uber Eats. This way they don’t have to worry about cooking for themselves and can enjoy a tasty treat on the house. They definitely deserve it!


Flowers are always a good idea. Although it can be a little cliché, I think flowers with a kind note can really turn a day around.

Say it out loud

I think in many ways, this can be the best way to show your caregiver some love. Find a moment in the day, look your caregiver in the eye and vocalize how much you appreciate them and honor their selflessness. I promise, you do this, and they will be so touched!

What else do you do to show your caregiver your appreciation? Comment and share below!

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  • Matt Nagin moderator
    1 day ago

    Hi Elizabeth.

    These are great tips. Thank you for sharing! I frequently try to let my loved ones how much I appreciate their support and help in my times of need. It indeed can be very stressful on friends and family.

  • Julie Marie Palumbo moderator
    5 days ago

    These are great ideas, Elizabeth! I feel like they all touch on the 5 Love Languages, too 🙂

    Simple acts of kindness or verbally letting someone know how much you appreciate them can go so far. And, in today’s world, a phone call or hand-written thank you note is a dying art and much appreciated by all.

    –Julie (Team Member)

  • thedancingcrohnie moderator author
    4 days ago

    Oh, I did not realize that. Thanks for the observation.

    I know, hand-written notes are so rare now-a-days. I always love a hand-written note and find them to be so touching.

    Elizabeth (team member)

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