An Attitude of Gratitude

This Thanksgiving season, my ask to you is that you take the time to recognize the itty-bitty, the things right within normal that somehow still make you smile, that remind you of the love and support in your life. And even when things are hard, and tears are plenty, and food is impossible to keep down, remembering these things matters. It means everything.

This Thanksgiving season, I am committing to an attitude of gratitude. A simple reminder to show appreciation for the things in my life that make me better, stronger, more complete, and happy. A reminder to say thank you. To be the thank you. A reminder that sometimes, what we need is actually right in front of us.

Develop an attitude of gratitude,

and give thanks for everything that happens to you,

knowing that every step forward is a step toward

achieving something bigger & better than your current situation.

~ Brian Tracy

I have always said that I believe in tiny miracles. But I think what that actually means, how I’d actually like to define that is that I believe little things can raise our spirits. Things that spread sunlight across our hearts and glitter our worlds in ways we didn’t expect, ways we weren’t looking for, or ways that surprise us into smiling.

A few years ago, before my Crohn’s diseasediagnosis, I had journaled about being thankful and being kind on Thanksgiving day. I recently reread that post as well as several others from that time in my life, and it made my heart light up again.


This year, more than anything, I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful for my friendships. The kind that offers encouragement, support, strength, advice, and patience. For sunshine. For ambition. For seeing silver linings. For wanting more. I’m thankful for people who understand that patience is a virtue I’m trying so hard to attain. For the ability to understand that I am more than the circumstances that surround me. For somehow being able to believe that with child gloves and time and strength and support, that I will re-learn to live my life in a way that lets me enjoy the small moments and still feel as if I am in control of my body, instead of the other way around. I’m thankful to find passion in many things I do. To know that I’m making a difference. I’m thankful for a new look with the same eyes & for remembering that home is where the heart is.

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful for me.

The thing that revives my spirit.

is not the words I wrote so many days ago.

It’s that today, my life looks different for the better, but this sentiment still lives inside my heart.

A chapter of my life

Several years ago, back when I began showing symptoms of IBD, I had no way to predict that this journey would be more than just a chapter of my life; that in fact, it would become my entire life. That at times, it would be all-consuming. Not just to me, but to those that love me, that support me, that take care of me. There are not enough words to say I’m sorry. But somehow, I have a feeling that’s not the important part. The thing I wish to express, today and every day, is that there are an unbelievable amount of things I am grateful for.

People who have filled my life, who have stood by, knowing there wasn’t anything they could do but love me and be here. Courage to redefine my dreams. Connecting with others who have experienced or are experiencing or know what it could be like to experience life-altering changes. Changes that impact not just one moment, but the whole life you had planned ahead. Persistence – something I had long since lost, but that the people I love have brought back to me.

2018 for me has been a huge year of growth and change. In reflecting on the year that has passed, I have realized that my gratitude only continues to grow. This year, I’ve become increasingly committed to searching for ways in which to optimally manage my life with Crohn’s disease. Ways that enable me to be present in my marriage, to take care of my puppy, and to plan for my future.

This Thanksgiving, I am committed to truly giving thanks. Will you join me?

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