Autumn and Crohn's Disease: Friend or Foe?

Autumn and Crohn's Disease: Friend or Foe?

Way back in June (when I was already getting tired of hot temperatures and had no idea of the heat wave which was to come!) I wrote about my experiences of Summertime with Crohn's. Now the leaves have fallen and the pumpkins are on every corner. I thought I'd tackle a different season and share my experiences with autumn and Crohn's disease.

What's great about autumn and Crohn's disease

  • It's COLD! I love the cold weather. I know there are mixed feelings about colder months and IBD. Personally, my belly is much better behaved in cold weather and heat is a MAJOR trigger for me! I'd love to know if you are the same?
  • Warm stews and soups are comforting for my belly. It doesn't matter how hot it is, salad is not my friend. I think I was one of the few people slurping on soup and bone broth in August last year! There are many reasons why I love winter food. One is obviously it's cooked and that makes it easier to digest. Things like stews, soups and stewed fruit are pretty much mush. That's great if your digestion isn't brilliant.
  • Tinned Pumpkin. I accidentally discovered my belly loves tinned pumpkin and look forward to it being on supermarket shelves each year. It's not an all-around thing in the UK! Whether it's the fact it has the consistency of baby food or it just tastes super nourishing, I love it and it's one of my winter safe foods.
  • We don't have to worry about dehydration. Of course, dehydration is always a risk with IBD, but less so in the colder, winter months. When the weather is hot, dehydration is more likely. This was a real worry for me when flaring in the heat.
  • It's perfectly acceptable to wear your PJs in the middle of the afternoon. Or all day. I mean, I was doing it anyway but my winter wardrobe is basically a slightly more formal version of pajamas. And that's perfectly acceptable.

What I hate about autumn and Crohn's disease

  • It's always dark meaning I'm always tired. Nothing encourages fatigue like long, gloomy evenings. And is there anything worse than having to drag yourself out of bed when it's still pitch black? Although my belly is much better behaved in the summer months, my fatigue is not.
  • Lack of Vitamin D. My vitamin D was low last month and I really worked hard to bring it up over the summer. I fear that it'll drop down again now, which doesn't help my fatigue either! Remember, if you have IBD, you are more likely to be vitamin D deficient. So get your levels checked this winter
  • Parties. Ok, so we're a few months away until the Christmas invites start rolling in, but the festive season is stressful with IBD. I could probably dedicate a whole post to this. Constantly being asked why you're not drinking, party food (basically delicious pastry in multiple forms or 20 types of cheeses) being out of bounds, and socialising when you want to be in bed is pretty exhausting!

Overall, I still love autumn- for its pumpkins, soups, PJs and more importantly, NO HEAT WAVES! Do you find your belly does better or worse in cold weather? And what's your favourite season?

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