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Stays Away From Home: Being Prepared

This past weekend, my significant other and I clocked out of everything normal and went up north for the weekend. It was as great as it sounds.

Fears going into a weekend away

I had a lot of fears going into the weekend for many reasons: very little notice on timing, I’ve got a lot going on medically, including a PICC line that was inserted within the last month. I lose track of time…

How I handled the stress of a weekend away

I planned ahead

I’ve been here before. I’m a “seasoned” patient. I’ve had a chronic disease for 15 years. (That’s crazy to think about.) I brought everything I need and use for my IBD on a regular basis, including my heating pad and extra meds. This also meant I had to make sure I drank plenty of fluids before we left. I also went into IV therapy a little bit later in the day to get my meds through my PICC line and got a dressing change. Knowing what I had to be proactive about helped me pack smart and as light as possible. Also knowing at least 2 planned meals for when we were there helped prepare me, which I talk about below.

I had incredible support

I volunteered to be in charge of groceries because I know what we each can’t/don’t eat. It worked out surprisingly well! I’m not eating much right now, so I grabbed some IBD friendly (for me, anyway) snacks, like yogurt, dry cereals, some protein shakes, and other here & there’s. We recently tried a meal service that both of us were able to enjoy together with such different diets. There was a meal we enjoyed so much, that we brought the supplies for it and attempted our own homemade version. It was so much fun and I was able to try some as well.

I hung in there

He had absolutely no idea how much my hips feel like they are crushing when I walk.

I handled it by going on as many short, quick walks outside to get some fresh air. The scenery was beautiful, snowy, and cozy. We both understood just how tired the other one was from working many hours in one week and little sleep. I had a few anxiety attacks that Joe was really sensitive to and asked if there was anything he could do. I felt seen but vulnerable. Yet, we were able to have a great weekend away. We napped. We read. I used my meditation app on my activity tracker that lets me know when I have a high HR and stress level. (It’s new, so I got to play around with it a bit on the drive up to keep me occupied.)

I didn’t feel well, but I didn’t complain

I sucked it up. I didn’t feel well. I’m sure it showed. But I didn’t complain once. Just getting out of my regular environment and not having pets on your pillows when you wake up to was nice enough for us!!

All in all, it was a great weekend despite my current medical state. I was lucky enough that the drive there was only an hour long. Having any type of IBD that affects the perianal area can make things extremely uncomfortable when sitting for long periods of time.

Things weren’t perfect, either. I was unable to fall asleep for even half a minute the night we returned back home. I knew I’d pay for this experience, but that was up to me, and I got through it. With my previous knowledge, with support and knowing I’m doing okay at going with the flow.

How do you handle (planned) stays away from home?

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  • thedancingcrohnie moderator
    6 months ago

    Leaving home is always a bit stressful just because you can’t be spontaneous. However, with just a little planning like you mentioned, things are very do able.

    I always make sure I have peppermint oil, wipes, pads/liners, snacks and more snacks. Food is usually the thing that can be most frustrating when I’m in a different environment. So as along as I have safe foods, I feel much better.

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

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