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Introduction to the Bag Lady Mama (Part 2)

(Read part 1). After returning from living in Greece, I met my now husband Shannon. He says that he thought I had weird eyes, like they’d been put on upside down…. lol

Having babies was always something I feared I’d never have the joy of having. But after only 3 weeks of dating I fell pregnant by surprise and we now have our son, Lukas – 5 going on 19. This child of mine has been here before and will go places. He was meant to be here. We also now have a daughter Arabella Dixie.

After a horrid management of me and my pregnancy with Lukas I almost died due to perforated bowel. I tried to tell the doctors that the pain I’d been experiencing during my pregnancy wasn’t normal but once again no one wanted to believe me. I gave birth to Lukas naturally and then got very sick.

They finally did an ileostoscopy and it showed that my Crohn’s had returned – even though I had no symptoms of my Crohn’s. I didn’t believe that the pain I’d been feeling was my Crohn’s and I was right. I flew to another state and they found the real reason for my pain and I had surgery immediately to remove the hole in my bowel and the disease section. Another 20cms of bowel gone…

I almost died. My temperature reached 42* degrees and my body was shutting down. I had a 5 month old baby. I had to stop breastfeeding and was in hospital for 3 weeks. I barely remember the days but I remember the feeling of heartache. I was like a skeleton. 

It was a horrible time in our lives.

My first surgery I had been so excited for and this one was so very different. I was scared of death. I was scared to leave my baby without a mother. 

 I had to be strong. I had to fight. I did and slowly life moved on. It was occasionally a struggle. I had to learn another new version of me. I would say it took close to a year or more before I was able to look in the mirror without disgust and sadness at being completely covered in scars.

Lukas loves to touch my stoma. He was always a little curious and always loved to touch it. He doesn’t like it when I pretend to poo on him hehe!

We moved state and my husband and I both worked at a brand new hospital! We knew that I would not accept anything but the best care during another pregnancy and it would be a combination of care from both the gastro doctors and obstetricians. I had a great team and was induced at 37 weeks to ensure that I didn’t perforate again and was able to deliver our daughter again completely naturally. It was an amazing birth. It was magical.

Lukas’ birth had been quite traumatic and there were 5 doctors in the room. Everyone was scared and nervous about this crazy woman with a bag having a baby. With Arabella I was able to pull her up to my chest.

The only negative thing that happened was the unfortunate ignorance and stigma attached to someone with a bag and a midwife told me that I couldn’t go in the water because I would contaminate the water!!! My bag is waterproof! if it wasn’t I would be walking around with poo all over me!

I felt empowered. I felt amazing and I wanted to empower others just like me. Others who are afraid of what life means with a bag. Afraid of the stigma attached to living with a bag and afraid of having children.

 So now I am about changing perception, removing stigma and spreading awareness.

I am loving every single minute of it.

I am not an old woman, I don’t even class myself as having a disability though I could. I am able, I am functioning and I want to feel sexy and alive!

I want others to find their voices. I want others to be empowered. I will change how people see me.

My daughter and son have their mama. My son has a sister and my husband still has his wife!

Sometimes life changes can sweep the rug from out under your feet.

Sometimes you just have to say F the world and what they think I should think, feel, and be. You can be whoever you want to be and do it with a smile! being a little bit cheeky can help!

I am loved unconditionally. My husband doesn’t care about my battle wounds. He just cares that I am here – probably so that I can do majority of the parenting. 😉

I found my calling.

I found my voice. 

I am just like you.

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