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Creative Ways To Ditch Your Plans Like A Pro

As amazing people living with IBD, we find ourselves faced with tough decisions a lot. A very common one being: Should I stay or should I go? Sure, going out may seem like a good idea when we are first invited. The fact that we were even up for the conversation that day shows we were feeling somewhat decent, but unfortunately, our condition is so unpredictable. While it'd be nice to have a pre-set calendar of all of our flares, our condition just doesn't quite work that way.

So we are going to discuss how to ditch your plans like a pro!

  1. Try the honest approach: Sure, you can flat out tell your friends and family how you're feeling, that's probably the best way!  But, we're going to add a little fun to it with these next ideas!
  2. Send a postcard: How cute would it be to send a friendly postcard! Even better to add an adorable picture on the front of you (and maybe even your cat) laying in bed. Just add a kind little note, "Sorry, I unfortunately won't be able to attend ____." After all, who can reject a post card?
  3. Send a pizza: (Is it bad that I've actually done this before?!) When you're not able to make it to an event, send a cute little pizza with a note for the driver to give. I've done this before with my family. What made it even cuter was that it was on Valentines day and Papa John's was delivering all heart shaped pizzas that night!
  4. A funny video: Sending a cute little lighthearted video can be a cute way to lighten the mood and break the bad news a little more gently.
  5. A Meme:Social media is so big now! Find a funny meme and share or tag a friend on Facebook.  Or you can make it even more simple and Google search things like "funny memes to send to a friend."

This is of course meant to be funny and cute. If you find one of these to be appropriate for your situation then by all means! Things come up unexpectedly; unfortunately that just comes along with having an auto-immune disease. It's okay to put yourself first. It's okay to acknowledge and accept your health for what it is. Most importantly, it's okay to cancel plans. There will always be another time, there will never be another you.

So hopefully this brightens someone's day. The main take-away I hope you get from this is that canceling plans is not the end of the world. And it's not as complicated as you may think. Sure, no one likes to let down someone they love. It sucks. But your health needs to be a priority.

Real, understanding friends and family members will be accepting of you the way you are and won't make you feel bad about something you physically and/or mentally were not able to handle at the time. If someone choose not to understand this, they may not be someone you need in your life.

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