Can't Sleep? This is For You

Can't Sleep? This is For You

I've already discussed how challenging of the year 2018 has been for me. Physically it hasn't been the worst, but mentally it's really taken a toll on me. Between trying to beat this funk/depression I've been battling, and now my new found enemy, insomnia.

I have an off and on battle with insomnia. It's like one minute I'll be so exhausted and fatigued, I'll literally fall asleep as soon as I hit the bed. Then the next minute, I'm up all night doing random things online or listening to music until the next morning. It's a new battle for me. Before this year I was always able to sleep. I was a sleeping pro, to be honest. I was almost too good at it. It became bothersome to me. I wish I could find a happy medium somewhere between being exhausted and sleeping all day, and not sleeping at all, but that's just my luck.


I know what some of you may be thinking, "well, why doesn't she just talk to her doctor about it?" You're right. And I have. I've been prescribed medication for sleeping, but I don't always love that either. The problem I find with taking sleeping pills is simple: You can't tell it when to stop. I took my prescribed medication one night and was left drowsy and yawning for days! I don't like that feeling. As much as I love to sleep, I also love being productive. Being drowsy all day doesn't help me get work done and it also doesn't help my depression. It actually makes it a bit worse.

3 things that have helped

If you're like me and you've had trouble sleeping, I ask you to consider trying these 3 things. It's helped a ton.


I know, I know. You may think this is corny, but even medical professionals say it too. Don't look at your screen. Laptops, phones, TV, etc. Unplug yourself. I find it best to unplug at least thirty minutes before bedtime. It gives my mind time to rest.

Total darkness

This is a personal preference, but it really does help. Turning off every light is essential for me at night. I can't stand to see even a tiny bit of light peaking through. Darkness allows me to drift off faster and puts my body and mind at peace.


One of my friends actually recommended this to me a long time ago. I never had trouble sleeping until now so I didn't try it. Nature sounds are amazing. I don't mean go turning on the TV, but if you can play it through a speaker somewhere across the room. I personally prefer sounds of the ocean and waves over birds and other animals, but it's all about personal preference. When I turn on nature sounds at night I often fall asleep so fast, I wake up not even realizing I had drifted off!

If you give these 3 tips a try, let me know in the comments below. It's really been a quick and easy process that's helped a ton with my insomnia at night.

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