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My Experience With Celery Juice And Crohn's Disease

When I started drinking celery juice, 16oz first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, it was rough. I was in a bad flare, on Prednisone, and feeling horrible. I came across Medical Medium's website and started reading about the benefits of celery juice. I found what was said interesting and decided to try it out.

What does celery juice taste like?

At first, the juice intimidated me because I highly dislike celery. I actually always found it repulsive, so I had a feeling the juice was going to be horrific to swallow. To my surprise, the juice does not taste like celery does when you eat it raw.

In its juice form, I actually find it mild and refreshing. Let's put it this way, I thought I would have to plug my nose with every drink and I don't have to. And as the days go on, you get used to the flavor more and more.

How and when to drink celery juice for Crohn's

I started out only having 2oz in the morning on an empty stomach so that I could start slow and build my way up to the recommended 16oz. Actually, if you are dealing with an illness, 32oz is recommended. It is suggested to drink the juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and wait 15-30 minutes until you have your breakfast.

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Day 1 and 2 was hard. After each time, I was running to the bathroom with urgency and even some cramping.

Most people would have stopped there, but weirdly something inside told me to keep going. I truly was so desperate to feel better, and from reading so many lovely testimonials, I just kept on with it.

Noticing small differences

I slowly increased the amount of juice each day. Long story short, once I reached 16oz, it took me about a week and a half and I started to notice a slight improvement. Just a tiny bit of less urgency and less mucous.

But really nothing drastic at all and again, probably if I wasn't stubborn would have quit by then. But! I kept at it.

Positive results for Crohn's symptoms

I religiously drank celery juice every morning for about three and a half months straight. Probably in that time period, I missed only 2 mornings of not having the juice due to being on vacation and traveling. I have to say, I had the most amazing results.

I didn't see significant results until about after a month. So you really have to be patient and disciplined to keep at it. One of the improvements that was my favorite was that the inflammation in my rectum decreased immensely!

Reduced inflammation

I don't know about you, but my rectum area is always so inflamed it feels like the size of an eggplant. Well, that inflammation was seriously cut more than half in that time period. I even started working out again because I finally felt comfortable enough to do so.

Also, my bleeding stopped and my mucous was almost completely gone. Even trigger foods no longer started to bother me. I'll never forget having a slice of pizza one night and expecting to pay for it later and I never did! It had to have been the celery juice as that was the only change I had recently made.

A nice addition too, was that my skin benefited nicely and my face was glowing and clear. I also noticed my hair wasn't falling out as much and I had more energy. My bowel movements also improved and I really started to feel myself again.

My other tactics to help with Crohn's flares

I will add, in addition to the juice, I was on a strict diet where I did not have any grains, dairy, or processed sugars. I was also doing a million other things to help relieve the flare.

Anyways, I just wanted to share my experience with celery juice. I had tremendous results and I say if your doctor says it's okay, definitely give it a shot. I am glad I stuck to it and decided to at least try it for a month, as that is when I started to see results.

How about you? Have you ever tried drinking celery juice? If so, share your experience below.

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