The Time Has Come... To Change My Diet.

Ever since I could remember, I thought that inflammatory bowel disease caused people to only lose weight. I remember being 160 pounds, on major doses of prednisone, and thinking, “After I have surgery, I’ll never be this weight again.” 

I remember my gastroenterologist at the time told me, “Paul, if all goes well, you will gain the weight back... and more.” I never really believed him. How could I gain back that much weight?

Weight fluctuations with IBD

Weight fluctuations are very common when dealing with IBD, and that is why my doctor today always asks me, “Any sudden weight changes?” I am sure that all gastroenterologists ask these types of “screening questions.” 

I think with COVID-19 being around, I really became stressed out. When I am stressed out, I eat. Yes, I know that it plays with my Crohn’s, especially if I was eating the wrong foods, but I really craved all foods! 

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So did I put on weight? Yes. Is it a lot that it is noticeable? Maybe. Do I feel horrible about it? You better believe it! 

I needed to change my diet and lose weight

My recent trip to the gastroenterologist required my normal set of blood labs to be drawn. When I got to his office, he told m that my sugar levels were high. He went on to say that my kidney functions were slightly elevated, and finally, that I gained some weight. 

I admitted that I didn’t eat great over the summer, even though I was exercising regularly outside in the heat. He suggested that I go on a new diet, to lose a few pounds. I was shocked at first, but I really embraced the conversation.

I only allow a very small amount of carbs into my daily diet. I only drink water and a single cup of coffee. I added more protein (no red meat), fruits, and vegetables. While I had to fight my cravings, I am already starting to feel better. I know the “results,” won’t show for a bit more time, but something else happened that I am so happy about!

A low-carb diet actually helped my Crohn's

On this diet, I barely eat carbs. I do not eat any starches, and I am handling the fruits and veggies well. That being said, my stomach has calmed down a lot. I used to get a lot of urgency in my J-pouch, which would send horrible spasms to my butt. 

Since I have been on this low-carb diet, I have not had those spasms. Also, before the diet, I was going to the bathroom at least 20 times a day. Now I go about 8-10. Wow! Right? 

These small changes in my diet have made me feel so much better. I know in the past I feared fruits and vegetables, but my body really has accepted it the best it can. I cannot wait to return to my doctor to show him the stark changes I have made. 

Hoping my diet improves my bloodwork

Furthermore, I am hoping that my blood sugar has come down, and my kidney functions have normalized. I do think I was dehydrated, causing my creatine to rise. I make sure to have tons of water now.   

Sometimes IBD can throw you curves. You just got to take charge and navigate that “winding road"!

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