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Keeping the Place Clean

I often think how much time I spend in the bathroom. I often want to keep a log of the exact time I spend in the bathroom per day, per week, per year! I know that the number would be high. Since I spend so much time in the bathroom, I learned how to clean a bathroom and then keep in clean. Another reason why I really like cleaning the bathroom is because it brought comfort to me when I was in the hospital. I would strive to keep my hospital bathroom clean, as I didn’t want somebody else cleaning up my mess. Even when I had no energy, I did my best to keep up.

I promised when I left the hospital that I would keep cleaning the bathroom, as I felt it aided with healing. I didn’t want to use a bathroom that was full of bacteria and could get me sick again. Is it always going to be perfectly clean? No way. But any type of cleaning does help. When I met my fiancé, she was very impressed with my bathroom in my apartment, because I always kept it clean. What is the trick you ask?

Follow these tips below for a successful bathroom

1. Be consistent

I learned that the mess that you make in the bathroom is not from just one visit. Let’s be honest. Sometimes, your bowel movements are loud and obnoxious. It might leave a mess around the rim of the toilet seat. Make sure that you check every time that you use the bathroom. It is an easy clean up if you notice it right away. If you do not clean up your mess that you leave (not on purpose), it will be harder to get off later.  Also, you don’t want somebody to go in after you and notice what just occurred. That would be just embarrassing.

2. Quick Clean

I stated above that you want to check in and around your toilet after you use it each and every time. I keep the toilet brush handy, so I can do a quick sweep around the toilet after every use. I then, of course, wash my hands.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

I like the liquid that you put into the bowl. This helps keep the dirt ring from forming towards the bottom of it.

Stick On Cleaner

Some people might like the gel stick on pieces that you put on the side of the bowl. This acts the same as the liquid, but I find it being a nuisance to put on.

Overall, you might find that my way of cleaning the bathroom every day is obsessive. You may be right. I find it as a calming feeling. It makes me feel better and allows me to accept Crohn’s even more. Look, we all use the bathroom some more than others. We all need to keep it clean for others and ourselves. When we go to other homes, and businesses, keep in mind that others have to use the bathroom after you. Some more than others……

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  • thedancingcrohnie moderator
    9 months ago

    I’m aways cleaning my toilet. As you mentioned, us with IBD definitely use the bathroom way more than others and it is important things stay clean so that you feel better and others using the same bathroom feel comfortable as well.

    I love clorox wipes. They make for an easy wipe down of things.

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

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