My First Concert with Crohn's

Since I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, back in 2009, I never had the urge to go to a concert. Honestly, it just never sounded appealing to me. Being around a ton of people. It’s hot. You’re sweating, they’re sweating. No bathroom for likely miles. I don’t know if I’m overthinking it or not, but honestly, I don’t care. For years I lived with this mentality.

A year or so prior to my diagnosis, my godmother and sister pushed me outside of my comfort zone and made me attend a concert (for a singer that has since gone down the wrong path). Although I was undiagnosed at the time, I still experienced many IBD symptoms and I’m almost certain I’d been in and out of the hospital at that time too. I went to make them happy and honestly, I did have a good time. I did have to scoot out a few times for a bathroom break, but it was an indoor concert and honestly, I find those to be a little more do-able as and IBDer.

My diagnosis recently changed from colitis to Crohn's

As you may (or may not) know, I was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s. The battle has been so real and I’m really grateful to finally have answers to the questions I’ve been living with for so long. When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s, I never imagined much would be different. Sure, I had a new IBD specialist as opposed to a general gastroenterologist and sure, that was exciting. But I never really imagined he’d be able to help or bring much relief to my life. He’d brought the diagnosis, but I didn’t think anything would change.

My doctor helped me to manage my condition

Honestly, I was wrong about two things: concerts and my doctor. I didn’t think I could have fun at a concert, but I primarily had this negative mentality because of my experiences with IBD. It caused me a lot of anxiety in everyday situations so I couldn’t imagine pushing my body to the extents required of a concert.

I give my doctor so much credit because he deserves it. He took a very sick person and changed the direction. He allowed me to no longer “manage” my disease, but to live with it. Starting my new therapy with this new physician has brought great adventures into my life. It’s brought great freedoms that I’ve never known.

Making memories at a concert

The concert was in Canada. I flew to a friend in Maryland and we drove around 8 hours together. Something I could never do even just a few years ago. Just the drive there was such a memorable experience. Was it hot? Yes! Did I swear? Yes! Were the bathrooms miles apart? Oh yes! And they were NOT appealing at all! Lucky for me, I didn’t need them! I walked miles, in the heat with no assistance at all! It felt like such an IBD hurdle, especially coming from a background saturated with hospital stays and infusions. Memories like the ones I created during this trip almost make the hard days worth it.

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