Mental Strength In The Age Of Coronavirus

So many of us are going through difficult times right now. It can be tough, when the world is so crazy, to retain mental strength. But now, more than ever, it seems imperative to do just that.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not diminishing what so many of us are enduring. There are financial strains that result from the economy being shuttered. Lost jobs. Businesses closed. Depleted 401Ks etc.

There are emotional strains, such as depression, cabin fever, and interpersonal problems brought on by families being shuttered in together endlessly.

Health challenges of COVID-19 and Crohn's disease

Finally, and most importantly, perhaps, there are the health challenges that COVID-19 presents to all of us, particularly those with Crohn’s disease, who, let’s face it, are already immuno-compromised, and, quite often, susceptible to contracting this terrible virus.

Add all this together and, clearly, COVID-19 is a considerable obstacle for those with IBD. Still, as difficult as it can be, there are advantages, too, to having an auto-immune condition.

Advantages to having Crohn's during this pandemic

For one, we are used to dealing with hospitals and medical treatments. We know what it is like to be in a packed E.R.

We have been prescribed various strange medications and are used to doctors and nurses treating us, often during intense health trials. If we need to get blood drawn, or an I.V. put in, or wear a hospital gown, well, this, too, is familiar territory for us.

Secondarily, we are more mentally prepared than others for health obstacles. There is still the fear of the unknown others might have, but, since we have Crohn’s disease, we can more successfully manage it.

Furthermore, each of us has an ability, often developed after many years of struggle, to keep matters in perspective. Lastly, when matters go awry, perhaps more than others, we have an innate capacity to remember what is important.

Third, most of us have developed a powerful support network. We have relied upon this support network in other times and can do so now in this crisis.

We can also help others going through tough times and in so doing help ourselves. This can also help with social isolation and depression and maybe even, in certain instances, make us happier and more fulfilled beings.

People with Crohn's or UC know how to overcome obstacles

In short, in many ways, we are warriors who are used to battling life-altering illnesses. Whether faced with Crohn’s disease or COVID-19, the skill set, the conflicts, the strategies are, more often than not, the same. This gives us a major advantage over our contemporaries. Remember that! Appreciate that! Don’t ever take it for granted!

We’ve all been through other obstacles and we will get through this too. Those of us with an auto-immune condition are stronger than we believe, stronger than others, perhaps, will give us credit for.

Finally, our words of encouragement to those who are sick with coronavirus can really make a difference, since we’ve already battled our own tremendous health challenges and emerged intact on the other side. Thanks for reading and I really look forward to your feedback.

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