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Crohn's and Traffic

Yep, we all have been through it. The dreaded “5 P.M rush hour.” You just want to get home and unwind after a long workday. When you have Crohn’s, you have to take into consideration that you might have to use the restroom while sitting in traffic. Sure, I have made sure that I used the bathroom before leaving school, but that doesn’t mean that in five minutes I won’t have to go again! Over the last few years, I have tried techniques, and strategies to make my drive easier:

Try to stick to your routine.

Believe it or not, our body does have an internal clock. Sometimes we can psychologically turn off our stomach and not think about the bathroom during the duration of our drive. I know its hard to stick to a routine, but I always had a “better day” when I did not go so much “outside the box.”

Try to stay off the highways.

Highways don’t have lots of areas that are convenient to pull off just in case. Stick to large roads where there are lots of businesses side by side. I always can count on Dunkin Donuts to swing in and do my business! Sure, it make take you so extra time, and you might be going out of the way, but you’ll feel so much better knowing there are bathrooms all around!

Stay at work a bit longer.

It might be inconvenient, but it might be best to wait so that the traffic will subside. That is ok! And if people are asking you why are staying so late at the office, just make something up. You leave when you feel comfortable.


Do you have Crohn's disease?

Don’t feel afraid to get in a car. Don’t be afraid to not have a bathroom in sight. If you are newly diagnosed with Crohn’s it will take a lot of adjusting. Just know your limits. Don’t get crazy with your food intake if you know you have a long ride home in traffic.

Keep a complete change of clothes in the car.

I always have a roll of toilet paper in the trunk. Its for the “I have no choice but to go" days. We all have had them. Are they unpleasant? Yes! Are they embarrassing? Yep, no way around that. But know that these rare incidents do happen to even the most experienced Crohn’s patient.

Before I had my colon removed, I was using the restroom around sixty times a day. I had no control, and even driving the shortest distances was a struggle. There were a lot of times that I did not make it to a bathroom in time. I had my fare share of soiled clothes. I also spent a fortune in cleaning expenses for my car. I was embarrassed, but because I was prepared I was able to quickly take control of the situation. It's you who needs to have control over Crohn’s at all times. Don’t let it have control over you!

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