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A Better Colonoscopy Prep

Colonoscopies are a crucial procedure to have for anyone who has inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).  In my case, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and yearly colonoscopies have become a norm.

My heart goes out to those enduring the prep during a bad flare.  I’ve been there and it can be extremely challenging to get through.  You are already horribly sick from flare symptoms, and then adding the prep on top of it can be quite the nightmare.

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Colonoscopy prep drink

But when you do a colonoscopy when you aren’t in the middle of a flare, it can be an entirely different experience and quite manageable.  This was my case this past month.  I had my yearly colonoscopy scheduled and my symptoms were under control thankfully.  I tried a new prep drink called Clenpiq.  What a game changer!

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Clenpiq comes in two small bottles that are just 8 ounces.  What a breeze!  No more chugging over a gallon of liquid that tastes awful and makes you want to puke.  This prep tasted like delicious candy.  I got the raspberry flavor and I felt like I was drinking liquid starburst.  Didn’t have to wash it down with anything after.  Weird to say but it was actually tasty.  The best part of all is that it is just 8 ounces.  I couldn’t believe it.  You drink the drink so fast, then you’re done.  All you have to do is drink water after.

Cost and insurance

Depending what time your colonoscopy is the following day, is when you drink the second bottle.  This prep was so easy, I thought it wasn’t real.  I didn’t get nauseous.  I didn’t feel bloated.  I never felt like throwing up.  Of course, after about 45 minutes you start to feel the effects and off to the bathroom you go.  But I have to say, it was a seamless experience.

Definitely talk to your doctor about this prep. The only downside, is in my case at least, my insurance only covered a certain portion.  I ended up paying the rest but it was worth every single penny.

Hydration is key

Another great tip I tried this time around was supplementing water with coconut water.  Coconut water is prep friendly since it is a clear liquid.  Not only that, it is packed with electrolytes and other minerals.  It is far more superior than Gatorade and it will keep you hydrated and feeling great while you fast.

I dehydrate very easily, so being on a liquid diet, going through the prep then fasting typically pushes me into dehydration.  This time around since I made a point to drink coconut water, and I never felt depleted or dehydrated.

Look into prep options

Overall, I had a better experience trying Clenpiq and supplementing water with coconut water.  Odd to say but I felt great throughout the entire process and couldn’t believe how easy it all was.  I have heard in the ether that there is now a pill prep as well.  I would look into that too if it can be an option.

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Did you also have a positive experience with Clenpiq?

Just remember, in today’s world, the prep does not have to be a horrible experience.  There have definitely been advances so be sure to inquire about other options with your doctor. Do you have a preferred Crohn's colonoscopy prep drink?

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