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6 Ways to Help Someone in a Crohn’s Flare

When experiencing a Crohn’s flare, it is no secret that help is urgently needed. Just getting up to walk to the bathroom can be an exhausting feat, so forget about cooking yourself a healing meal, and keeping up with house chores and just life in general. Everything is a struggle and you are in survival mode.

How can someone help a fellow Crohnie in need during a flare-up?

Here are some ways to lend a helping hand:

1. Offer to do groceries

This is so major! The thought of driving to the grocery store, walking the aisles to pick up your food, pay, load the car, unload the car, load the fridge and pantry is just too much when you are experiencing severe symptoms.

During a flare your immune system is compromised, your energy levels are depleted and symptoms are rampant: urgency, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, the works. So one way to truly help is to ask for that grocery list and help a fellow Crohnie get some nourishing foods into their home.

2. Help with cooking

Food can truly be medicine. Want to help majorly? Offer to make homemade broth, or soup or any meal of any kind. I cannot express how helpful this is to someone who is ill. Food is healing and offering to nourish a hurting body is like receiving manna from heaven!

3. Do some dishes

Typically when one is super ill, house chores take a back seat, simply because it is virtually impossible to keep up when you are suffering in bed or the bathroom. I would suggest offering to do the dishes, sweep the floors, throw in a load of laundry, dust the furniture. All those things are incredibly helpful and when you have a clean house, you instantly feel better.

4. Ask to help with errands

Everyone has that list of things that needs to get done. Maybe it’s to take the dog to be groomed, return a store item, hit up the post office, or pick up a prescription. Whatever is needed to be done, offer a lending hand!

5. Gift a gift card

Again, during a flare, most of us cannot work. This means some Crohnie’s take a hit in their finances and yet life doesn’t slow down. So I can’t tell you how helpful it is to gift someone an Amazon gift card, or grocery store gift card to help ease the financial burden of not being able to get to work. Generosity is a privilege! Giving makes the world go round.

6. Check-in with someone who is going through a flare

Be present and check-in. Whether it is a phone call, text, or even email. Constantly let the person know that you are thinking of them and are available to help in any way possible. Also, offer an open ear and mention that if they need to talk or vent you are open always to chat.

When you’re sick sometimes it just means the world to have moral support. To know people are thinking of you means the world and makes a difference.

Can you think of more ways someone could help a fellow Crohnie in need?  Comment below with more ideas, we love to hear from you!

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