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The Cure Deception

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s companies or individuals who take advantage of desperate Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis patients. Many patients living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease are constantly on the lookout for any kind of relief they can find. Most of the time it doesn’t matter the source of the relief. What matters is that it’s “guaranteed” to work.

During my nearly six years living with ulcerative colitis, I’ve heard and read a lot of insane things from people claiming that they have the “cure.” In my earlier days, I was so eager for relief that I tried just about anything. Most of the time, whatever the “cure” or “remedy” was only made my symptoms worse. After each failure, I was left feeling more hopeless than before.


Giving patients a false sense of security and taking advantage of their pain is wrong and completely unethical. And yet, people continue to do it! I know that some of these people are well-meaning. There are a handful of people who have found relief with certain remedies, supplements or diet changes. And that’s GREAT! I’m glad they were able to find relief. It isn’t a cure, however, and the sad thing is, it doesn’t work for everyone.

I would even argue that those miracle remedies do not work for most patients.

For every well-meaning person who is genuinely trying to help others, there’s about a dozen snake oil salesmen touting cures and relief for patients. They scour the internet like a lioness, looking to prey upon any patient who is desperately searching for help. They charge an arm and a leg for their concoctions. They may even have “real life testimonies” of others that their snake oil has helped or cured. Once the patient bites, spends a fortune on the remedy and tries it, more often than not they are left heartbroken and dejected. Instead of pointing the fingers at the people who sold them the concoction in the first place, they wonder what on earth they did wrong! Perhaps they didn’t follow the directions correctly. That must be it, right?

It’s easy to get caught up in finding natural remedies or miracle diets.

Honestly? I would never discourage anyone from at least trying something (with the supervision of your doctor) for relief. Because you never know what just might work for you. But what you need to realize is that there are no cures for IBD. There are a lot of bad people out there trying to take advantage of you. Be extremely cautious. Take everything anyone says with a grain of salt.

I just want you to be careful.

I have nothing against people finding relief with natural cures. In fact, I am quite jealous because I was never able to achieve relief with them. I just want you to be careful. IBD leaves us with enough disappointments as it is. Watch out for those who don’t give a flip about if their remedy really works. All they’re looking to do is make a buck or fifty off of your desperation. Don’t let them take advantage of you like that. Be ever vigilant of the snake that cries “CURE!”

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