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What Day Is It?? Distorted Time with Chronic Illness

Do you ever feel like time is all distorted because of your inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)? It isn’t so much that I don’t know what day of the week it is, or what season it is so much as things just seem to be continuous with no end or break. This is obviously more of the case for those who are not particularly doing well with their disease.

Some possible reasons for this feeling:

Sleepless nights caused by Crohn's or UC

So many people who suffer from Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis experience at least one bout of bad insomnia or painsomnia. For me, I am lucky if I get four hours of interrupted sleep. I know the same is true for a lot of you reading this.

I can’t stress enough how much this disturbs my health so you are certainly not alone if you feel this way too. Not sleeping or having weird sleep patterns can make things seem like one continuous day or your internal clock becomes so messed up that you end up becoming nocturnal. This impacts productivity and just a general sense of feeling like a normal, productive member of society. Or human being, for that matter.

Unable to celebrate special occassions

Oftentimes, those of us who suffer from an unpredictable chronic illness like IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) miss out on special occasions. Whether they be birthdays, weddings, funerals, holidays, reunions, etc it is a difficult thing to grasp emotionally. But not only that. These special occasions represent markers in our lives and in our years so without that celebration or real acknowledgment, it can change the way we view time in a sense.

Not able to leave the house

For those people who are in the midst of a bad flare up, dealing with abscesses and infection, are recovering from surgery, dealing with extra-intestinal manifestations of their inflammatory bowel disease or who are just symptomatic in any way, leaving the house becomes increasingly difficult.

We have little energy, can barely shower or do basic things to keep ourselves looking and feeling human, and just flat out cannot bare the thought of being out in the world pretending to be feeling fine when there is so much pain and anxiety inside. Plus, isolation sinks in which can cause someone to be even more depressed and anxious.

Bottom line: this cycle of never leaving the house, rarely bathing or changing out of pajamas can really warp a person’s sense of time.

It is amazing to me how quickly time passes and when I go and look back, I realize I missed out on an entire season because of my health!

Do you guys ever feel this way?

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