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Eating with Colleagues

A lot of people make fun of teachers, always having a lunch break, and always having a prep.  A lot of teachers really take advantage of this time to sit amongst friends, or complete work that needs to get done.  A lot of teachers use this time to use the bathroom as well.  Teachers, as you know, are not allowed to leave the classroom while a group of students sit in front of them.  Teachers at times have to wait a few hours before they can relieve themselves. Yep, its crazy.

There are three other teachers with whom I have the privilege to eat lunch everyday.

They meet in my room (it just worked out that way), and we have lunch together.  They all know I have Crohn’s.  What they probably don’t know is that I look forward to lunch everyday.  I look forward to lunch everyday for one reason:  I can go use the bathroom!  I have trained my body to go almost 3 ½ hours before having to go to the bathroom.  Once lunch time comes (which is at 11:18), I can’t wait any longer!  I unlock my classroom door and off I go.  Where they might also go to the bathroom only once, I go back and forth from my room to the bathroom about three times before lunch is over.

I guess they notice.  Nobody has ever said a word to me.  But as usual, I still feel like there are eyes on me every time I get up and walk out.  Lunch time is a time to eat, take a breather, and chat.  For me, lunch time is time to eat, go to the bathroom, talk, go to the bathroom, and…go to the bathroom again.   Since my classroom is right next to the men’s faculty bathroom.  I can see who goes in and out from my vantage point.  This is good, because I know when it is my turn to go to the bathroom.  Even though there is more than one stall, I feel more comfortable when it is just me in the bathroom.  I guess I will never get over that.

To make things easier, I pack my lunch every day.

I only have forty-seven minutes to eat.  It takes me a few minutes to walk upstairs from dropping my kids off at the lunchroom.  I probably spend about fifteen minutes total in the bathroom during lunch.  That gives about thirty minutes to eat, and clean up.  My colleagues who eat with me usually go to the corner store for lunch.  Apparently they have great sandwiches at a decent prices.  Of course it takes time for them to walk down the street, wait for their food, come back, and finally eat.  I rather be in my building where I feel safe in regards to the bathroom.  I pack my lunch, sit in my room and go. So now I sometimes ask myself: What would I do if I did not have a lunch break.  Thank gosh for unions!

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  • thedancingcrohnie moderator
    9 months ago

    That must be so hard not to leave the classroom until your lunch break to use the bathroom. It’s amazing that you have trained yourself to make this work. Rock on!

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

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