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Justifications I Make During A Flare

Justifications I Make During A Flare

Have you ever been in such a tight spot physically, emotionally or financially that you find different ways to justify splurging on something you normally wouldn’t buy, use, or do because of your IBD?

Here are some of mine that I pick and choose on a daily basis that helps my mind clear stress and makes things easier on me.

The justifications:

“I normally wouldn’t eat this, but right now I need to get calories in”.

For me, this specific indulgence is soda. It’s one of the only things that helps keep my nausea at bay. There are days I go without eating because let’s face it, I feel better when I don’t eat. Now, this is not something I recommend at all, but I have heard many good things about intermittent fasting. (I just consider my eating patterns my own method of fasting. Only when I need to). “Empty calories” are something I say a lot to those who are close to me and are with me on a day to day basis.

Buy the good TP.

Need I really say more?? There is nothing worse than visiting relatives who don’t buy the good stuff. I’m talking to you, Aunt Wanda!!

Needing more sleep & napping.

My active IBD hours tend to be in the middle of the night, so it makes sense that my body has adjusted over the last 14 years to my REM sleep occurring between the hours of 5-9am. not convenient for most people. but living with IBD has forced me to admit that I’m not most people. Because I work from home, I can (and should!) adjust my sleep schedules. I’ve been known to schedule naps when I’m living in and out of the hospital. We learn weird things being sick.

Taking multiple showers and baths a day.

Keeping skin integrity while experiencing perianal Crohn’s disease wears you physically and mentally. After having a bowel movement, I feel better after being able to hop in the shower and clean off. And hey, bidets work too!


Whether it’s utilizing amazon prime or getting groceries delivered, every now and then, I can justify living with a chronic disease and just having someone bring something to me when it’s a bad idea to leave the house or want to avoid bacteria and germs.

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  • Niko86
    7 months ago

    I completely agree with getting the calories in. We don’t normally eat a lot of junk food. I try to make as much stuff at home from scratch as possible, but when a flare hits, getting off the couch is a chore, and I’ve barely been able to eat at in over a week… I’ll try anything. And for some reason my body always wants chicken nuggets or tenders. It may sound weird, but after 20 years of dealing with this disease, I just go with it! By all means, do your best to eat healthy, but listen to your body. It’ll tell you what it needs 🙂
    Also, curious if you could recommend any jobs to work from home? I know can’t be the only one wondering. Keeping a job is a job in itself, and most people don’t understand this “invisible disease” is a full time job as well.

  • Kelly C (#purpleproject) moderator author
    7 months ago

    Thank you for your comment, @niko86. I just had this discussion with my significant other that he didn’t have to keep asking if I ate anything today.

    My body works best under certain conditions, and for me, sometimes eating nothing is “better” for me than to push my limits. I did that last night & I’m paying for it today.


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