Germs are scary!

Germs are gross right? Unfortunately, we cannot control all germs and getting sick can be inevitable.

For me, cold and flu season consists of choices every day. Most of those choices include weighing my options of where I could possibly get the most germs.

By this point, you may think I’m being dramatic. And you know what? You’re entitled to your opinion, but after becoming very ill the last two seasons of Fall, and learning that two friends had almost lost their lives to influenza, I’m done putting others needs in front of my own when it comes to germs, being vaccinated and protecting myself and other loved ones with compromised immune systems.

Colds for a person with a normal immune system

Colds are a bummer, right? A week of sneezing and coughing and for a person with a healthy immune system, symptoms lessen over time and sleep will help your body recover. There are no worries of secondary infections, but if they do happen, there are medications that help you recover quickly and get you back to normal within a week or so.

Colds for a person with a compromised immune system

And then there are children, elderly, and those of us with very compromised immune systems no matter how diligent we are with washing our hands, not touching surfaces in public and choosing to avoid crowds. Because, we know for us, that if we come into contact with certain (any germs), it's going to be a long road to recovery for us and our immune systems.

When you live with any kind of illness that affects your immune system, you constantly find yourself tip-toeing around every single person. Cleaning off others that things have touched before you touch them in public like carts, hangers, doors. I carry around all those things just to protect me. But I'm also trying to protect others as well. There won't always hand wipes when you go to the grocery store or Target when you get into the store. Pop yourself a few of the skinny cans and throw them in a few of your bags, your car, your front entry. Remember that shoes can be the biggest source of bringing in germs from the outside.

By making the decision to vaccinate yourself against the flu, is the most selfless responsibility you may ever have control of. If you are medically cleared to receive the flu shot, there is no reason you shouldn't receive the vaccination.

By making the decision NOT to get the flu shot, you cause others to scramble. You put others at risk and potentially carry and hold that virus close until you infect someone. Maybe that someone just left the infusion clinic where they received chemotherapy or immunotherapy. Do you know what risks you put on others when you decide to not vaccinate?

If you CAN get vaccinated but choose not to, despite knowing what herd immunity is... you’re selfish.

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