Hospital Admission - What's in Your Bag

In this post, I share some necessities that were not on my mind, simply forgotten at home, or things that I didn't pack enough of during my recent and unfortunate stay(s).

Here's how to better prepare when you know you are in serious trouble and may be inpatient for some time.

Coloring book

Guests brought me a meditative coloring book/bible journaling supplies. (And if you want, when you leave, this is something that would be a donation that many hospitals take!)

USB essential oil diffuser

There are small, portable essential oil diffusers that can be connected by USB to spread throughout the room. During one of my recent stays, the hospital had lavender essential oil. They did something very nice and took a cotton ball and dipped in the oil so the smell would spread throughout the room and I would calm down and get a bit of rest. She had the idea that it would help me sleep better and help me relax, as I was on so many steroids I couldn't sleep.

Light for dimming

Perhaps the fluorescent lights in the hospital bother you, especially at 3am. Consider bringing a dimmable light to keep by your bedside.

Compact Bluetooth speaker

There are inexpensive, small Bluetooth speakers at most drug stores that have good battery life. Instead of carrying a bulky laptop with me, I chose to use my cell phone or small tablet that can connect to Pandora or music of your choice. This won't take up much room in your bag and can help you fall asleep or relax during stressful situations.

Plenty of underwear and pants

I made the mistake during one hospitalization that I thought having the amount of clothing I had would be enough. It turns out, I change my underwear more than I think, especially to feel more comfortable. Speaking of clothing, be sure to bring enough pants and loose fitted clothing. I usually find myself dressing in layers. I also always pack at least two sports bras.

Febreeze one

Febreeze One; a simple yet effective way to get your room smelling like anything other than a hospital. Like I mentioned before, if you have a private room, your stay will be much easier on you. Usually, on GI floors, they like to separate patients because of possible infection contraction, especially of things like C. Diff. This is not the protocol for every hospital. If you do have a roommate, a good idea is to dip a cotton ball and put it in a medicine cup of lavender. If you want, rub some on your neck or your temples and just leave it out overnight by the bed.


Pajamas that can be easily layered and are loose-fitting, comfortable and absorb sweat, but that also don't take up a lot of room in your bag. I was gifted some really soft PJs through Amazon.

Lotion, oil, and chapstick

Less important things, but also things that make you feel like you're more relaxed and at home? I always bring a small bottle of lotion, because the air is so dry that when I leave, my skin just seems to flake and fall off very easily. I bring lotion, face oil and a good chapstick. it prevents skin cracking and doesn't make me feel flaky and dry.

What are some things that you've made the mistake of forgetting to bring to the hospital that you would want to include for your next (unfortunate) visit?

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