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6 Items That Make Your Hospital Stay More Bearable

The dreaded hospital stay. We have all been there and it is always something we want to avoid because of how uncomfortable and stressful it can be.

Firstly, being away from the comfort of home when you are feeling your worst, is awful. I don’t know about you, but I like the comfort of my own bed and bathroom when I am in a severe flare. I am at ease because I am in my own environment and I know my home is clean and quiet.

In the hospital for a flare-up

Sadly, hospitals are far from this. Not only do you never get rest and are stuck laying in an uncomfortable hospital bed, but you are also surrounded by others who are sick as well.

Although hospitals are pretty good at keeping things clean (for the most part) you always have that “don’t touch this, don’t touch that,” and “wash your hands well” mentality which gets old fast. And not to mention the non-stop poking and prodding from nurses and the loud hustle and bustle from employees keeping you from getting any peace and quiet.

It’s such a double-edged sword because I know everyone has to do their job, but during hospital stays the loudness and constant chatter is hard to get used to. Getting true rest is difficult, and that is all I crave when I am in excruciating pain.

Hospitals are uncomfortable and stressful

So, yes hospitals can be uncomfortable and stressful, but how can we make ourselves feel more at home and more relaxed? Here are some tips I have come up with throughout my journey:

1. Bring a cozy blanket from home to the hospital

There is something soothing about having an item from home with you. Something that smells like home. Is clean like home. And brings you comfort and warmth.

I suggest bringing a blanket of some sort to keep you warm. We all know that hospitals are notorious for being extra cold, so you definitely won’t regret having a warm blanket from home with you.

I would definitely suggest whatever you bring, make sure it is washable so you can wash it the moment you get home from your hospital stay. You definitely don’t want to bring back any germs with you.

2. Ear pods for the noise in the hospital

Let’s face it. Hospitals are loud all the time. Having ear pods, or any type of headphone will be so helpful in allowing you to zone out and get some quiet.

Whether it is being able to watch your favorite show with more clarity or falling asleep to relaxing music or white noise. I highly recommend using this tool to help cancel out unwanted noise.

3. A stuffed animal for comfort in the hospital

Okay, this sounds kind of silly, but hear me out. I was once in the hospital for two weeks. In the second week, my best friend came to visit me from out of town.

She of course did not come empty-handed because she is an angel. As a little way to make me smile, she showed up with a little stuffed rabbit that I ended up naming Henry. I have to say, that little cute, snuggly rabbit brought me comfort while staying in the dreary hospital. 

It was warm and snuggly and I would hold it as I fell asleep. It sounds a bit juvenile but it really made a big difference in bringing me more comfort. So if you have a stuffed animal or any object that is soft and comfortable to hold, I say bring it.

4. An iPad or computer

This is essential. You need something to keep you busy and these electronics will allow you to watch movies, surf the web, FaceTime with family and friends and keep up with social media. It’s a great thing to have when you are stuck in a hospital bed.

5. Snacks from home that are safe foods for Crohn's

Bring snacks from home that you know sit well with you.

Of course, depending on your physical state, you may not be allowed to have them per doctor’s orders but if you can, you can indulge in some familiar foods rather than all hospital food. It’s good for the soul.

6. Cozy clothes

Again, every hospital has different policies, but in my experience, I have been allowed to stay in comfortable clothes rather than a hospital gown during my extended hospital stays.

When you are hospitalized for over a week, it’s nice to be in leggings and a comfortable top rather than an uncomfortable hospital gown. So pack something you like to lounge in.

What are some other items you bring with you to make you more comfortable in a hospital setting? Share below!

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