My Humira Diary: Month 1

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Hi everyone. Today I have started my second lot of Humira injections and decided to keep a diary of it this time. I was previously on Humira two and a half years ago when pregnant with my son.

But because I was pregnant, I never really knew which symptoms and successes were due to me being pregnant or the medication. This time around, I feel like I really want to understand my body more so I've decided to do a monthly diary series of my experiences with it.

My first week taking Humira for Crohn's disease

The first day of injections

Today is the day when I restart my Humira and I'm quite anxious about the side effects but I'm hopeful of feeling well. A nurse arrived and showed me how to inject and then we injected an 80mg strength dose into each of my legs.

This is the loading dose but in a fortnight's time, I'll be down to a single 80mg dose in one leg and then after that, just a 4omg dose. So I know today will be the hardest day!

Injecting was fine. It doesn't hurt and the worst part is just gearing yourself up to press the button!

I've previously had IVF injections which did hurt so I always gear myself up for them to be super painful! I seemed to have knicked a vein on my one leg as it bled a bit and a bruise has already appeared; I think I was a bit too rough injecting!

After the injection, I felt fine but 30 minutes later, a sense of heaviness and wooly-headedness kicks in. I have only a few days of childcare to work a week so I powered through but by 7 pm I felt like I'd hit by a bus.

How I'm feeling on the second day

I woke up feeling full of energy but by 12 noon, I'm back to the hit by a bus feeling. I'm exhausted. I just feel like I want to do more than I'm able.

A week on Humira

The exhaustion has gone on day 7. I've had diarrhea for a few days which is super annoying as steroids had actually meant my stomach was doing well. I'm frustrated, but I feel like I just need to give it time.

Ready for my second round of medication

Today is day 14 which means it's time for my second round. The last week has been good, with no fatigue and normal bowel movements. I'm nervous for that knocked out feeling but remind myself half the dose might equal half the side effects?

I am a bit more confident injecting this time and no blood or bruising insight. I feel like I have a lot more energy and no sign of cotton wool head yet! I call my doctors to book my blood to be checked on Thursday.

I feel much better by day 20

So far, so good. I've felt really good this week with no fatigue, wooly head, or upset stomach. My bowel movements seem to be completely normal. I've had my flu shot (a reminder you can have this on Humira) and am waiting back on my blood tests. I'm also due another blood test in a few weeks to see if the Azathioprine I also take is still working.

The end of my first month on Humira

I've felt really good this month but today is my last day of weaning off Budesonide so that will be the true test. My blood tests we're all fine but I still haven't done my Azathioprine test yet.

The only symptoms I've noticed is I've bruised a bit more easily but I haven't had any other side effects as of yet. Today marks a month of being Humira and starting my lowest dose which is now 4omg every two weeks.

I'll be back next month to let you know how I get on!

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