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IBDers Weigh In: Share Your Experiences!

Here at we welcome community members from all stages of IBD – those who are newly diagnosed, those in remission, those experiencing a flare… but each of us can learn from those who have been there.

That’s where you come in!

Community members are asking questions and we’d love for you to add your voice. Interested in sharing your thoughts? Weigh in on one of the questions below:

IBD, diarrhea and dating?

We know you have experiences with dating – share your own to help our community member who is struggling with dating new people and the symptoms of IBD.
Forum Post: IBD, diarrhea and dating?

Is anyone on entyvio? How are you tolerating it?

Everyone has a unique experience with medication but sometimes it can be helpful to hear from others. Do you have experience using entyvio? Weigh in!
Q&A Question: Is anyone on entyvio? How are you tolerating it?

Trouble with biologic dugs

Biologics are fairly common in the IBD world but what happens when they don’t quite work for you?
Forum Post: Trouble with biologic drugs

How can I better explain IBD to my family?

We hear this one from community members all the time – friends and family just don’t get it. How can you explain what you’re dealing with?
Q&A Question: How can I better explain IBD to my family?

Thank you for taking the time to weigh in and share your thoughts with your fellow community members. If you know others who might have something to add, please share with them – and as always, if you have questions yourself, please add them to our Q&A Feature or to our Forums!