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5th Annual IBD In America: What Is That?

The 5th Annual IBD In America survey is now closed.

A diagnosis of Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis can bring about an array of emotions, from frustration to relief. The lack of information and research available for people with the diagnosis and their loved ones can make it even more difficult. Many people quickly jump online to research the ins and outs of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) but have trouble finding reliable information. Even more difficult can be finding someone who has actually been through IBD to connect with and share experiences.

How can a survey help?

The 5th Annual IBD In America survey is an annual survey on InflammatoryBowelDisease.net that seeks to close some of these gaps. The survey covers “basics” like diagnosis and treatment experiences. It also dives into the nitty-gritty, like the emotional impact and the seemingly “small” day-to-day challenges.

Each person who takes the survey contributes to a better understanding of IBD and can help others who are going through it feel less alone. Sharing experiences in the survey can reveal how similar each person’s journey with inflammatory bowel disease is, as well as the differences that make each journey unique.

What will the survey ask me?

The survey will ask about diagnosis, symptoms, symptom management, quality of life and relationships, doctor engagement, and treatment awareness and experience. We do not require your name, address, or other personal information.

Please note that you do not have to take the survey all at once. Feel free to bookmark the survey in your Internet browser and return when you are able. You will resume where you left off.

How do you use the IBD In America survey data?

Survey responses help us and our partners better understand the IBD community. All survey responses are kept confidential, reported only in total (your specific responses will not be reported individually), and will become the property of Health Union, LLC.

What happens after I take the survey?

After the survey closes each year, the Editorial Team at InflammatoryBowelDisease.net takes your responses and creates an infographic filled with information about life with IBD. But that is not all – over the year, we publish articles based on learnings from the survey, like this one about experiences with diagnosis or this one about experiences with remission.

Each article published using responses from the survey contributes to the information available to those affected by IBD and helps them connect with those who have walked the same path.

One voice may seem like it will not make a difference, but each voice can change how others perceive life with inflammatory bowel disease and bring comfort to someone coping with a diagnosis.

Check out last year's infographic on how diet impacts Crohn's or UC.

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