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3 Injection Day Rituals For Crohn’s Disease

Last updated: December 2020

Currently, I am prescribed Stelara for the treatment of my Crohn’s disease. Stelara is a biologic that comes in the form of an injection. It is not like Humira in that you have a convenient pen that requires you to press a button. This medication comes as a syringe and you have to inject yourself, just as a doctor would in an office.

When I used to be on Humira, I disliked injection days simply because of the sting. I didn’t have access to the Citrate-free pen, therefore I was one of the lucky ones that experienced the unpleasant burning as the medicine was administered. Using a syringe to inject the Stelara medication, on the other hand, I find to be much more pleasant.

What does an injection of a biologic feel like?

There is zero sting, the needle is so tiny that you don’t feel it go through your skin, and the syringe is structured in a way that is extremely user friendly—offering a clicking mechanism once all the medication is fully administered.

Overall, I must say the process is virtually painless, but there is something about the mental aspect of having to inject myself that makes “injection days” a little bit gloomy. I definitely don’t look forward to it and it’s a day I could definitely do without.

Tips to better handle injection days with Crohn's

So here are 3 tips I have come up with to help make injection days more pleasant:

1. Change your perspective

Instead of dreading the day and being in a bad mood for having to inject, be thankful that you have access to a drug that works. Try and switch your mindset and see the injection as a positive tool. It is something that will bring you relief in the long run, and it is a privilege to be able to have access to it.

So say thank you to your injection, it really changes the entire experience. Once I started to do this, it really helped take the gloom away.

2. Play some music

I use music to help make the injection process easier. If you inject in the dead of silence, it can make the experience a bit macabre. Try playing uplifting or calming music to help kick up your ambition and bravery to set yourself up for a good mindset to inject.

For me personally, I prefer calming music. I jump on Spotify and play one of my favorite playlists. It relaxes me and I’m ready to inject.

3. Reward yourself after the injection

After you have so bravely injected yourself, make sure you give yourself a reward! Make the day something to look forward to. Maybe have your favorite meal afterward, or eat out at your favorite restaurant.

I personally love to order in, so I make sure to UberEats my most favorite meal and kick back with Netflix for a relaxing evening.

Celebrate how strong and brave you are

Overall, it’s important to acknowledge how brave and strong you are. Crohn’s disease is no walk in the park, and the fact that you have the courage to inject medication into your body, all by yourself, is pretty darn courageous. So don’t forget to be thankful for your medication, use music to help with the process, and always reward yourself for completing your injection.

What things do you do to help ease your injection days? Share below!

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