Instagram Live: Food Fears and Dietary Dilemmas

Last updated: October 2022 recently hosted the first Instagram Live in our 4-week series "Let's Talk FOOD!"

Featuring our very own Crohn's Patient Leader Julie Palumbo, we tackle all things food and IBD! Julie is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and works closely with individuals who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease.

In the first Live of the series, Julie talks about "Food Fears and Dietary Dilemmas." When it comes to Crohn's and colitis, so much of life is unpredictable. Will I flare from a certain food? What will they serve at the party? Will I need to run to a restroom after eating? These unknowns can cause a lot of anxiety – which we know is no good for our stomachs, either!

Julie discusses managing these fears around food and gives her tips on how to navigate a restricted diet. Because our food restrictions may be different, but we all know the struggle of living with them!

Watch the Instagram Live video below!

Tip: Skip ahead to the 6:25 mark to get past our first few minutes of technical difficulties!

Join us as we go LIVE on Instagram every Tuesday in October!

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