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About To Live My Best Life, But First… Infusions! [PART THREE]

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So there I was, in the doctor’s office. Forced to explain to him why the treatment he recommended for me may not work. Not because of my body, but because of my lifestyle. Or soon to be a lifestyle rather. I told him my upcoming travel plans and how I already had my flights booked and bags packed to leave the following Monday. I explained how important it was to me.

My doctor wanted to make this work

To my surprise, he didn’t flinch. He didn’t question my judgment or belittle me for trying to take control over what life I have left to live. He simply paused. He said it was tough, but he would try. He began to ramble off options thinking to himself. Not knowing if any of them would even work.

The office not only had to get my treatment scheduled in a center (that’s over two hours away from where I live), but they also had to get it approved and covered by the insurance. In a matter of days! Only a few of them being business days! He said he would try and seemed determined. He handed me a piece of paper. It had blood drawl information on it. He said he’d need the results before I had my infusion and guided me down the hall. He told me to be on the lookout for a call from his office in the meantime. Perfect.

I went down the hall, got my blood drawn and that was that. I continued to prepare for my trip when I got home. Thinking rarely of my condition or what was to come.

My infusion was scheduled for before my flight

The next evening I got a call from a lovely lady to let me know when and where my appointment would be… THAT MONDAY! Lucky for me, my flight was late in the evening. Perfect. My family and I drove over two hours, waited, I got my infusion and we headed home. All of this took place only a few days before my 27th birthday. And I could not be more grateful.

Thanks to my doctor and his amazing staff, I am sitting in beautiful Bali, Indonesia right now. Enjoying amazing food, looking at the beautiful blue water and the greenest plants you’d ever see in your life. I am so grateful for this experience and for everyone involved in making this get-away possible.

I always questioned if I’d have experiences like this because of ulcerative colitis

Being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at a young age, (even younger when I began showing symptoms), really made me question if I’d ever be able to enjoy things like this. Living for myself. Going places without constantly being paranoid or scared. Living without symptoms. Breathing for myself and actually enjoying myself fully without those thoughts wondering in the back of my head about the next flare, the next time I have to use the bathroom or trying to plan every single aspect of my day so there are no mishaps.

I am so grateful to see twenty-seven years. I am so grateful for this life I’ve been given. Although it doesn’t always go as planned and as I’d hoped, I’m confident things will work out for good.

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