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The Additional Stress of Moving and Busy Times

Stress is a big trigger for me. I’ve worked hard to try to find positive coping strategies for the types of stressors and strains that daily life puts on me. Generally, I’m quite good at not letting it all build up and become too much for me to handle because I know that when it gets to that point, it’s much harder to come back from.

Thing’s don’t always go to plan though, do they? In an ideal world, if you’re working on a big project, you would finish that before you would begin looking at another.

Recent stress while helping my grandma

In December last year, I was helping gut and decorate my grandma’s house, because she has gone into care, and renting out her property will mean that there will always be an income to pay for her care bills – one less thing to worry about.

Nobody asked me to be as actively involved as I was, but I didn’t want to leave it all to her daughter (my aunty), because A) My grandma has always been good to me, and it’s time to pay her back, and B) it’s quite difficult emotionally, and so I wanted to take some of that weight for my aunty, who has also always been good to me.

I work freelance, so juggling a few things around so that I could invest some time and energy where it was really needed wasn’t too much of an issue. However, it was a HUGE job. I don’t think I realized how physically and mentally tiring it was going to be. We had a couple of days away from it all over Christmas, which were very much needed, but of course, it was Christmas, so there were still many things to do and people to see – no rest for the wicked!

The stress of moving

Before we had even finished up at my grandmas, I got the keys to my new home! Exciting, yes? I think I would have been so much more excited if there had been a little time between finishing decorating at my grandmas, and starting to decorate somewhere else. My mind had constantly been thinking about my grandma’s house; what was left to do, and when that could realistically be done by.

We didn’t actually expect to be moving so soon, so I suddenly had a whole other project to think about! Paying bills on two properties was not something I wanted to be doing for any longer than strictly necessary, so I had to throw myself into sorting my new home.

Moving is usually a pretty stressful event anyway, but the fact we have had to buy everything new has made it so much harder. The property I currently rent is full of damp – one of the main reasons we have been looking to move. That damp has wrecked so much of my stuff, some of which is priceless and can never be replaced, and some of which I am very aware of the price of, because I have just had to buy the same thing again!

Added fatigue, joint pain, and stress with UC

What has made it even harder still, is having UC. I don’t feel comfortable using the toilet when a stranger is present, which has been a lot. We’ve had people in to sort utilities, lay floors, fit blinds, install a phone line and fix doors etc. Fatigue and joint pain are a constant companion. So between shopping for everything, decorating, running back and forth for engineer appointments and to wait for deliveries, I haven’t had much time or energy to earn money or look after myself properly.

We’ve had a lot of takeaways, and my body doesn’t like it. I’ve been feeling a huge amount of stress, and organizing and planning usually helps put me at ease, but when those plans don’t go how they were supposed to, I feel even more stressed. Then, I feel stressed about how stressed I am!

How do I deal with stressful times?

So, how am I dealing with it? The fact is, I’m not dealing with it very well at all. My usual methods of just taking a little time out to relax and do things I enjoy, I don’t seem to be able to find the time and energy for! In fact, this is the least stressed I have felt for a while, purely because I am writing, and getting it all off my chest!

There is good and bad news. The bad news is, despite my many phone calls, my broadband activates nearly a week after our tenancy ends here. The good news (dressed as bad news) is my broadband activates nearly a week after our tenancy ends here – forcing me to take time out! I have been sorting through all of my possessions, and I have given so much to charity, which makes me feel lighter, and it has also led to the discovery of DVDs and books I had forgotten about, but I am looking forward to reconnecting with!

Finding the silver lining in a bad situation

There is also more bad news… All of my bedroom furniture needs to be replaced because the delivery men bashed holes out of everything that arrived last week, and I don’t have a date for my new (hopefully not broken) delivery yet. So, clothes and stuff may be without a place to live for a little while.

The silver lining is that I will have plenty of time to wash any damp smell out of them while I have no internet! Also, my sofas don’t arrive until the end of Feb, and we move in on the 8th… But, all in all, I am moving to a damp-free home, which is all freshly decorated, has an office, and is full of brand-new shiny shit (minus the bedroom furniture). I have a new comfy mattress, and a glittery toilet seat to call home! I know it will all have been worth it in the end, so that has to be my focus – that, and trying not to cry on a daily basis!

Wish me luck!

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