Music Moves Me.

Music Moves Me

As a damaged teenager who was suffering from a demonic stepfather, raging hormones and a stomach that represented “Alien” bursting out from my insides, my savior was laying against those speakers blasting music into my ears and drowning out my pain.

How music has saved my life

It’s represented my pain and helped those tears escape from the inside and given me release. Music has been my outlet.

I’ve never been given the opportunity to learn an instrument but the way the music hits deep in my heart moves me with the beat. I move with the waves of the tune.

We always have music playing in our home

My kids are raised with music around them all day long. I don’t play the wiggles, I play songs that move me and make me want to get up and dance. They love it and they dance all day long.

There’s been so many days that I’ve wanted to disappear and not get out of bed. The pain of having Crohn's has been all consuming and exhausting.

My pain feels understood through music

I was diagnosed when I was a grumpy and depressed teen. Over the years, it’s been playing all ranges of music that has given me the motivation to keep going. Somehow someone who I don’t know is singing directly to my soul, they feel my pain. Sometimes certain songs get me up out of bed and give me energy I’ve been lacking.

There are so many different ways to be inspired and motivated. For me; it's music, tattoos and piercings. They’re my therapy and they’re my outlets. They give me an opportunity to express myself, scream, cry and control situations. My music helps drown out the darkness.

Crohn's makes it feel impossible to control anything

When you have Crohn's disease, everything feels so out of control and out of your hands. It feels like you are not yourself and you don’t have anything to ground you. I’ve felt like this.

I’ve had Crohn's disease for 18 years! I still feel out of control and like I’m spiraling under all the drama and agony that’s inflicted upon me.

But, do you know what? It’s totally okay. It’s totally normal and I am never alone. I’ve just written someone else’s journey and they’ve just lived mine.

Stand tall, breathe deep, play some music that inspires you, and allow yourself to feel deeply. Know that you are never alone. Know that you may feel it at times but there are so many people that feel the exact same way. Know that you will never have to feel guilty for the way you are feeling because you are amazing and beautiful and one of a kind.

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