One more Sacrifice to IBD: My Nails

I look at my hands and I look at my feet and I am disgusted. I see others walk around and their nails are nicely grown. They have no black and blue covered toes. Because of my long steroid use for my Crohn’s Disease, I have developed a problem growing nails on my hands and toes.  I also have a black and blue toe nail that refuses to go away.

A side effect of Prednisone

I noticed it when I first started my major dosage of Prednisone. I was dealing with the weight gain, anxiety and constant hunger.  What I didn't notice is how slowly my fingernails and toenails would grow. I was always a nervous person, so I would constantly bite my nails and pick my toes. I know I know, too much information right? But I am just telling you the truth. I really forced myself eleven years ago to stop that nasty habit. Once I did, I figured, “Hey I will have nice toes and fingers.” Well, that was not the case. I noticed that my fingernails grew in sideways, or not at all. If they did grow, they only grew to a certain length. My toenails would do the same thing. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I was on a new medication that caused numbness in my extremities (an immunosuppressive drug)

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It's embarrassing

My nails on my toes and feet barely grow. My fingertips are mainly dry and rough. My toes grow with a lot of hangnails and nastiness. It's not a great sight, and I get embarrassed when it becomes summer time. I work at a camp, and I wear sandals a lot. I hate when people see my feet. It’s just one more thing to make me self-conscious. I decided to go to a podiatrist to see if he could help me. After my evaluation last year, he told me to use a few home made remedies such as vitamin D oils. Then came the dresser.

When I was moving into my house last year, I was helping to move a dresser. I lost my handling, and dropped it on my big left toe. Not only did it hurt, it left the nail black and blue. Over a year later, I am still dealing with the black and blue toenail. It's very ugly, and unattractive. Back to the podiatrist I went. He basically said that most patients have their new nail grow underneath, allowing the old nail to eventually fall off.  Apparently since my nails don’t grow at a normal speed, It might take a few years to fall off. A few years? I can’t wait that long. I want to have nice looking feet to walk around. I am already dealing with the scars from my surgeries.

I cannot get answers on how to get rid of the black and blue. Any ideas?  Come on Crohnies!

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