3 Natural Solutions I Use To Help With Constipation

Constipation can become quite severe with Crohn’s disease. I’ve found on my Crohn’s journey that you either have moments filled with intense urgency or you are plagued with the nuisance of constipation.

The feeling of constipation with Crohn's

The feeling of having to go and the constant straining and stomach cramping which leads to zero evacuation gets old fast. Not to mention, the longer you go without having a bowel movement, the more the anxiety and fear that something more serious is going on.

Just as a side note, always remember that there could be an obstruction if you haven’t been able to eliminate for some days. Always let your doctor know what is going on and if you are plagued with intense pain, just go to the ER. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

With that said, if you are experiencing typical constipation that frequently comes with IBD, throughout my years of diagnosis, I have found a couple of natural ways that have helped me tremendously in alleviating this symptom.

My tips for coping with constipation naturally

Here are some I’d like to share:

1. Peppermint essential oil for constipation

This is the first thing I reach for whenever I am experiencing constipation. I use high quality therapeutic essential oils that are meant to be applied topically. Therefore, whenever I am experiencing constipation, I roll on peppermint oil with coconut oil onto my abdomen. In minutes I am relieved and experience some sort of movement. This is my first line of response as I always get results.

Side note: not all essential oils are meant to be applied topically. Please be careful if you decide to try this, as you can only do so with therapeutic grade oils. And be sure to ask your doctor if it’s okay to use oils with your medical history.

2.Success with probiotics

For some, probiotics do not make a huge difference in their regularity but for me, I have had much success with the one I use. I take a probiotic religiously now every morning and every night, as, without it, I find that constipation starts to creep in.

If you haven’t had luck with probiotics, it could very well be that the brand you used wasn’t working for you. There are so many strains out there and brands that it comes down to finding the one that works for you. I have tried many probiotics and they either didn’t give me any results or actually made me feel worse by making me bloated or even giving me stomach aches.

I do believe that probiotics are a helpful tool for digestion so regardless of my bad experiences I kept trying brands, and I am so glad I did because the one I use helps me tremendously in keeping me regular and free from constipation.

3. An abdomen massage to relieve constipation

I came across this video on YouTube, showing how to do an abdomen massage to help combat constipation. It was so helpful! Almost every time I do this, I get results.

Basically, all it entails is massaging your colon with a gentle swoop motion of the hands starting from the Ascending Colon, to the Transverse Colon and down to the Descending Colon. Sometimes, depending on how you are feeling, it is best to start at the Descending Colon first.

If you do try this technique, please be aware that it should never cause pain. If doing the massage hurts, you may have an obstruction or something else going on. Contact your doctor always before starting something new, and definitely let them know that you are in pain.

How do you deal with constipation?

And there you have it, three natural remedies I use to help combat constipation. What natural things to you do to help get things moving along in your digestive tract? Share below!

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