It's Been Busy, but I'm Near a Bathroom

Hey everybody, It has been a stressful fall so far.  We know that stress can trigger Crohn's, and it has for me.  I started with my class in September.  I teach in the inner-city, a third grade class.  They are awesome, and they make me smile!  The best thing about my classroom is that it is located right next to the men's faculty bathroom.  When I was told last school year that I would be switching floors, I hoped that I would get this classroom.  I literally step out my door, and into the men's bathroom.  I can stand in my room and in the bathroom at the same time.  To access the toilet, you have to walk down a long hallway within the room.  I know it sounds confusing but it is still awesome!

So why am I telling you this?

Well because it makes me realize how much I appreciate the small things in life.  Most people would hate being near the bathroom, thinking it would always smell bad.  Other teachers might not like the foot traffic that is going past their classroom all day every day.  But when you are a Crohn's and UC patient, it doesn't and shouldn't bother you at all.

Now, does the bathroom work all the time?  That's a different story!  Our school building is so old that sometimes the pipes don't work well.  There was a three week span already that I had to go downstairs to the uni-sex bathroom.   Do you know how uncomfortable that makes me feel?  If I come out and there is an odor, and there is somebody waiting to go in, then they know it's me!  I don't feel as bad because there is only three guy teachers in our building.  I had to fight to get the men's bathroom fixed!  Finally it started working again.  I do take care of it.

I treat the men's faculty bathroom as my own.  Even though we have a cleaning staff, I brought in my own cleaning supplies and fragrances.  The other male teachers think I am a riot, but it goes a long way.  They clean up around the toilet as well!

So why bring this article together?

To reach out to other teacher's who might have Crohn's and are dealing with it while teaching.  It's tough.  It's especially hard when your prep periods are taken from you and you have to go a long period of time without using the bathroom. People always ask me how do I do it?  I just train my brain to think that I don't have to use the bathroom during the times, and most times it works.  There are times where I had to call the office to have them send somebody up to watch my class for a few minutes.  It's not often but hey it happens.  It can happen to people who don't have UC and Crohn's.

Is there anybody else out there reading this that is a teacher going through the same struggles that I go through every time I walk into the classroom?  Stay well Ya'll!

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