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Never a Parade

Boy am I lucky to live in Philadelphia.  We have a great city full of culture and finesse.  We also have great sports teams who have been very successful as of late.  When a sports team wins a championship, they have a big parade.  Being a person with Crohn’s who goes to the bathroom a lot of times during the day, I will never get to see a parade downtown.  The only want that this could happen is if I was in somebody’s apartment or office overlooking Broad Street.  I don’t think that is going to happen.

I remember back in October 2008.  The Philadelphia Phillies were in the World Series, and the city was having good vibes.  I was not.  I was home recovering after a year long whirlwind hospital stay.  My fistula was the size of a football, pouring bile onto my skin every few minutes.  I was about a week away from reconstructive stomach surgery down at Temple University.  This time couldn’t come soon enough as I was at my breaking point.  I had no life, and I was trying to put the pieces of the puzzle back together psychologically.  I remember when the Phillies won the World Series and the city was preparing for a huge parade down Broad Street.  All of my friends were excited to go, but of course I could not.  I had this huge wound manager on my stomach and I was way too weak to travel that far.  Plus with the amount of people that would have been down there, I could not take the chance of getting hurt, just days away from another big surgery.

Let’s fast forward to the present day.  I have had eleven stomach surgeries, and major repairs of my digestive systems.  The Philadelphia Eagles are on the brink of winning a national championship.  The city is amped up, and praying for the first Super Bowl win in franchise history.  My friends are hoping that they can revisit Broad Street again where they can be amongst the sea of green cheering the Eagles! But I can’t go.

Even though I am in great shape, I would not be able to go down there without access to the bathroom.  I can’t imagine what I would do.  It would have to be at least four hours without access to a restroom.  I would be stuck in traffic if I decided to drive, or smashed on a train.  Once I got downtown, it would be side by side for miles, with no way to get out.  I have anxiety just thinking about it.  So what will I do?

I will be home on my couch.  I will have access to my bathroom, and not have to worry about finding one.  So Crohn’s does have some good qualities.

  • It forces you to stay home sometimes. Although you might be missing the big party, you don’t have to pay for travel/food, and other expenses outside of your home.
  • There’s always your bathroom. You don’t have to use a public restroom, or the woods.  You can go anytime you want, and not have to wait for somebody to get out (If you are lucky to have more that one bathroom or live alone).

This year I will not let Crohn’s ruin my parade.  I hope this city does have a parade, although we first have to….. Win!

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  • thedancingcrohnie moderator
    9 months ago

    Agreed. Since my diagnosis, I tend to avoid crowded events like parades. Although they can be fun, I have to say, the convenience of experiencing it from the comfort of your home is way better in my opinion. You get front row seats since you are watching from your tv, and you get the comfort of your home and clean bathroom. It’s a win, win.

    Always dancing,
    Elizabeth (team member)

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