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My Next Sigmoidoscopy

As you know from my past articles, I have had twenty-two colonoscopies and sigmoidoscopies.  I have only had to do the full prep a few times when I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s.  Now that I do not have a colon, I do not need to do the full prep.  I just have to do two enemas a few hours before the procedure and no eating after midnight.  After my last scope in May, my doctor felt very uneasy.  In the post-op room, he told me that he was not thrilled with the prep.  He said he could not see anything above my J-pouch.  Although he wasn’t concerned (I had no symptoms), he really wanted to get a good look at the small intestines above the pouch.  He told me there was still lots of food blocking his view.  I was to do a full prep for my upcoming sigmoidoscopy on May 15th.

Sigmoidoscopy prep

I was browsing through the paperwork today. I had not had time to file it.  I saw my gastroenterologist last week and he confirmed what he told me last year.  The prep is to look like this:

  • No eating for twelve hours before my procedure.
  • I have to take four stool softeners.
  • I have to drink 36 ounces of Gatorade mixed with Miralax.
  • I can only have clear liquids up to midnight the night before.

Sigmoidoscopy concerns

For the most part, I am OK with the clear liquids and no eating for twelve hours.  Heck, I didn’t eat for six months! Here is what I am worried about:

  • I don’t have much of a stomach. I get full so easily, so getting down the thick Gatorade and Miralax is going to be interesting.  I hope I can keep it down!
  • I already go to the bathroom so much already. On a good day,  I use the restroom 18-20 times a day.  I can’t imagine what is going to happen once I start the prep.  I really have to be careful about dehydration.  I hope that when I do get to the hospital for my test that they will be able to give me some IV fluids.
  • I can’t imagine that I would need stool softeners since I always have diarrhea. So, this should be interesting.

I have to be honest and say that I am very nervous for this procedure.  I am usually not nervous at all, but this is going to be different.  This is the first time with the J-pouch that I do the full prep.  I am scared about getting dehydrated and fainting.  This is something that has happened to me in the past whenever I lose a lot of fluids.  I know that I shouldn’t worry and that I am in a much better state of health then I was ten years ago.

I am going to reach out to my doctor sooner rather than later.  I want to run the prep by him to see if he might be willing to cut it down a little bit.  It is just way too harsh!  Or is it me being nervous? I will keep everybody updated.

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