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This Is Why We Overdo It on the Good Days

You are probably reading the title and instantly thinking, what good days?! Right? I laughed at myself also writing it. I probably should change it to a more realistic title like, ‘this is why we overdo it on days where we get a millisecond of slight relief’, but that doesn’t roll off the tongue as smoothly.

Oh, that sweet sweet millisecond of relief…it’s those moments we know are rare.

You might wake up in the morning feeling good but you know that it will not last; it never does. You know how precious these moments are. So when those moments come where something is worth the sacrifice, you know you need to take them.

Then there is a single explanation to all those questions from family and friends or even coworkers; why do you do it to yourself? Just rest.

Frustrated by healthy people taking life for granted

It must be nice to live in a world where you can take your health for granted! Raise your hands if you also feel frustrated at those “healthy” people taking things for granted? Just me? lol

I’ve been pretty “healthy” recently and I’ve been hearing nonstop from the people around me that I don’t stop. That I need to rest and I need to calm down. But I have lived more than half my life in agony, not being able to do the things I’m currently able to do.


I’ve spent more than half my life asleep or desperately needing to be able to sleep. The whole time they dont know or understand that our brains have still been ticking over, and the list of wishes and to-dos have been mounting up.

Making the best of the good moments

So currently, not being crippled by pain, not being crippled by exhaustion or being asleep, I’ve been making the most of these moments.

I know full well that I will probably (most definitely) suffer, crash and burn a little later but I need to keep going because this is how I feel a little less consumed by my health and body. Usually, my crash and burn is a 3-day stint in bed but to me, it’s so worth it. Its the sacrifice I’m fully aware and prepared for.

The good days never last with Crohn’s

We’ve all been somewhere, risking the inevitable, trying to enjoy ourselves when a metaphorical wave has come crashing down on top of us, consuming and drowning us. We’ve all been wanting to eat and enjoy a social drink like everyone else is, but can’t because the consequences of that tiny bite or sip will destroy our lives for the next week. We’ve all wanted to get to that dirty laundry pile or the clean one for folding, but we just can’t physically get to it because we’re all down about a million spoons.

It’s all of these moments in time that gives us the motivation to keep fighting. It’s those moments of normalcy that bring a sliver of happiness, drive, and desperation to keep living.

This is why we overdo it on good days.

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