Finding Your Passion Through Pain

It's so crazy how something can be so bad, yet bring so much good to your life. My condition has taken so much from me. It's caused me to lose friendships, it's caused me to push away people who I really care about. It's caused me to go through so much pain physically and mentally.

Words really don't do my journey with my condition any justice. There are no words to describe the pain and disappointment I've experienced in my life because of IBD. There are no words to explain what it's like to live a life with such a painful condition that no one fully understands. So I won't try. I won't try to describe the bad. Although it's been a lot. An overwhelming amount of bad. I won't go into detail about that. Today is not about the bad. It's about the good.

Good can come with the bad

I know it may seem impossible. How could something as terrible as this disease bring anything good into anyone's life? I thought the same way for a while. For a long time, I felt like my suffering was for nothing. I didn't know why I was chosen to go through such a rough path in life. Of anything and everything I could have experienced, why this? I never imagined that all of it would be for a purpose. I couldn't see that with the bad came so much good. I didn't believe that my days would ever be spent doing good things or even doing normal things at all. What good could come of something so bad?

I found passion through pain

I was wrong. Through my pain I found passion. Through my pain I found fuel. My pain has led me to some of the most amazing friendships I never imagined possible. My pain has led me to find my passion in life. Not just one, but many things. It's hard to think about our conditions in a good light. Especially when you're dealing with so many bad symptoms and tough surgeries and medications.

But good can come from bad.

Think about everything that you've gained

Think about things you've done and overcome because of your condition. Think about the friends you've made. Whether in a support group or a fundraiser! Think about all of the people who've supported you. Sure, you may have lost friends. To be honest, I think we all have. But there's so much to gain. People may have chosen to leave your life, but think about all of those who chose to stay. Think about everyone who came around and supported you when you were at your worst. Think about everything you've accomplished in spite of your condition.

IBD makes things harder for us, but it also makes them more rewarding. Just think about how hard you had to work for that diploma, for that degree, even for that breakfast you made this morning. Even small challenges are accomplishments. Some days that's all we get.

Find your passion through your pain. Use your experiences to fuel your fire on the journey to your dreams.

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