Probiotics: Do They Help?

Just when I was starting to get my life in order - teaching again and socializing - I would go through bouts of horrible bloating. So what, right? Take Tums and you will be fine right? Nope, no way! I wish it was that easy! Because technically I don’t have a stomach (large intestine), I don’t get stomachaches. So when I have to use the restroom, I just get the sensation and then go. I did, however, experience bloating and tightness in my stomach area from time to time. For a while, I really couldn’t figure out what it was or how to get rid of the horrible feeling.

Bloating caused by pouchitis

Soon doctors told me it was part of the pouchitis. Since I was within the small percentage of people who have chronic pouchitis, they put me on antibiotics three times a day. They put me on the highest dose of Flagyl. I was still getting the horrible bloating.

The tightness in my stomach was so bad that I had to lay on the floor to pass gas just to get rid of the feeling. It was very hard to do this, especially while teaching! I remember I had to actually go out to my car and lay in the backseat during lunch. Laying on my left side moved the air and decreased the air in my stomach. This bloating feeling would come around every few weeks, but when it did, it was awful! It felt like I was a hundred pounds heavier, and it hurt when I pushed on my stomach. Sometimes the bloating got so bad that I would get nausea.

My doctor recommended probiotics

I had to figure out a better way to live like this. I needed answers, and I needed them fast! I did research online, but I was coming up empty. I went to visit my doctor, who asked me a very key question. He asked me, “Do you use a probiotic?” I said, “No.”

He went on to explain that probiotic replace the good flora: bacteria in my GI tract. The reason why I was experiencing the horrible bloating was that I was losing all good bacteria that coat the tract. I was losing it from the constant antibiotics and running to the bathroom many times during the day.

My doctors never brought up a probiotic before. This really boggled my mind, because of the number of doctors that would visit me during my long stay in the hospital. Do you mean to tell me nobody thought that trying a probiotic was a good idea? I could not wait to start taking them and hopefully feeling better!

The probiotics worked for me

Don’t you know that since taking a probiotic pill once a day that awful, horrible, no good pain only came back 3 times in the last three years! That’s pretty darn good! I am so blessed that probiotics worked for me, and encourage that everybody who has Crohn’s to talk to their doctor about them. They do wonders!

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