a bidet, infrared dome, and suppositories

3 Alternative Therapies that Helped my Severe Rectal Inflammation

Last updated: December 2020

In the past, I have suffered from horrible inflammation in my rectum. I always felt like it was engorged, inflamed, and just sore and uncomfortable 24/7. I always had to wear a feminine pad because my rectum just didn’t work properly, and yes, I suffered from leakage a lot.

Oh my goodness, this was one of the symptoms that truly drove me mad. I hated that sometimes just walking from one room to the other would prompt leakage. Then I would need to go to the bathroom, change my pad, and clean up. Such a nuisance to say the least.

Dealing with rectal inflammation and leaks

I wanted nothing more than to get rid of this symptom. It had me going to the bathroom a ridiculous amount of times a day just because I needed to change my pad and clean up. Really the only time that it would get under control is if I was either sitting or lying down.

Constantly, I would let my gastroenterologist know about this recurring problem and it was always just chalked up to my inflammation due to Crohn’s, and needing to find a medication that will offer me relief from inflammation. Sadly, up until I took things into my own hands, the medication was not giving me relief in my rectum area.

Eventually, I reached out to my naturopathic medical doctor, who I now go to first for finding solutions to symptoms. He offered me three tips that ended up relieving me of this pesky inflammation and leakage:

Using a bidet for rectal inflammation

My NMD suggested I use a bidet to help keep my rectum from being aggravated every time I used the restroom. Using a bidet would just offer less irritation and that is always helpful.

I really didn’t think it would make much of a difference, as I only use wipes to clean up back there, but boy was I wrong. A bidet is an absolute game changer and I suggest everyone get one ASAP! You can find them online for around $40. Set up is easy and you will never go back to normal wiping.

Homemade suppositories offered me relief

Now before I tell you how I made these homemade suppositories, please remember that I was under the supervision of my doctor. I did not come up with this on my own and experiment by myself, that is not something I recommend at all and it can be extremely dangerous.

My NMD told me to buy suppository molds online and make suppositories with the following: organic coconut oil, half of a probiotic opened and emptied, and organic aloe vera oil. I followed his recipe and put the mixture in the mold, then into the freezer. I would apply one before bed and in the morning. I found so much relief with this! I was so thankful!

An infrared dome with light and heat for inflammation

My father had an infrared dome in his home which my NMD suggested I use. Infrared light is extremely healing and helps heal the cells in our tissue while reducing inflammation.

I would get under this dome for 45 minutes every single day. I thought it was pretty weird, but I was so desperate that I figured, why not! Well, believe it or not, within about two weeks, my rectum no longer felt like an engorged eggplant! Oh, I was so happy to feel normal back there again!

Talk to your doctor about different treatments and therapies

Now, I know everyone is different and responds differently to a treatment. I am just sharing my journey and what ended up bringing me relief. Ask your doctor about doing a suppository and if you have access to an infrared dome, try it out!

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