Remembering To Take My Medications

I have good intentions, I really do. I even went out and bought four weekly pill cases. The white one is for my morning pills. The blue one is for my lunch pills. The green one Is for my dinner pills, and finally the purple pill box is for my bed time medications. I even take twenty minutes out of every Sunday night to sit down and places all the pills in the appropriate boxes for the week.

Now if you asked me if I remember to take them at the correct times? Well… that is a different story.

On top of that, if you asked me if not taking my medicine makes my symptoms worst, the answer would be yes.

I take nine different medications that directly manage my Crohn’s disease. I take medications to slow my bowel down, and stop spasms in my rectum. I also take medications such as supplements since I don’t eat lots of vegetables. Finally I take two medications that help fight Crohn’s, and keeps me in remission.

Why do I forget to take my important medications?

I forget because I get way to busy with my day. I wake up and always remember to take my morning medications. I swallow about twelve pills at once. But when I get to work, I just get too involved, and just forget. So what happens? I end up not taking my afternoon pills, because I don’t want to take them too close to my dinner medications. Sometimes I forget to take my dinner medications also. That’s two doses of anti-diarrhea medications. And as the pattern goes, sometimes I forget to take my evening medications. There are days where all I take is my morning medications. That is not good! Most days I miss one dose, which doesn’t help either.

So what happens?

Yep you are probably guessing right. I have rough days, because my medicine isn’t taken on a regular basis. My next step is to figure out a solution. Here is what I came up with.

  • Set an alarm on my phone: I can’t have my cell phone on during the day while teaching.
  • Change the times of me taking the medications so that I am home when taking it. I notice that I miss my lunch and dinner doses because I am not home during those times.

So I am asking for some help from somebody out there.

What do you do to help you remember to take your medications on time?

What’s your secret? I know I need to get better with remembering, and I think it will change once the Summer comes around and I am not teaching. This still is not an excuse. I write about good practices, but I don’t always follow them. I know the ramifications yet I still run into this problem. I don’t want to develop antibodies. Also I need to get back into the good habit of taking my medicine regularly.   Thank you for your help!

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