The Prep: Preparing For a Scope

In my past, pre-colectomy, I've always hated prep. For the ideal patient, I'm sure it would be uncomfortable, yet a successful process. It seems simple. For me, it never is. I don't mind not eating so much. At least not in the beginning. I'm usually not too hungry for a good majority of the day anyway. But when the hunger does come, it's usually all at once. Although it's tempting to cheat and have a bite, I try not to. The most tempting thing, however, is to ditch the "bowel prep" altogether. It's really hard for me to keep a lot down, especially things my body is not used to. I mixed the laxative with Gatorade, as instructed. I drank as much as I could and I tried my best to not allow it to come back up. It's always an extremely difficult process for me.

I recently shared my experience and tips for preparing for a scope. When I start prep, I always approach it with an open mind. Sure, it didn't work last time. Or the time before, but maybe, just maybe it will work now. The process is just tedious for someone living with a digestive disease. I'm already fatigued. I'm already nauseous, I'm already in pain, all of this extra-ness just adds more stress and honestly makes my symptoms worse.

Preparing for a Scope

I don't know what it is about prep that always goes wrong for me. My body just doesn't respond to situations that require it to act right I suppose. I've mixed my Gatorade as the doctor advised. I'm staying hydrated, but my bowels honestly aren't moving. As they never do. For a while, I thought maybe I needed more time. I considered starting yesterday instead of today, but it's something you really have to be mentally prepared for and at the time, I just wasn't.

I always giggle just a bit when friends or coworkers worry about getting a colonoscopy or other kind of scope for the first time. They always inquire on how my "first time" was. Almost 10 years into this thing and I honestly can't remember. Scopes, like medications, pain, fear, doctor appointments, and many other things, have just become another part of my life. Somewhat like brushing my teeth or driving a car. I know I have to do it. So I do it. Constantly.

It's important to prepare correctly for a scope

While preparing for a scope can be long and hard, it's important. It's important we follow the instructions to the best of our ability so our doctors can get a good look and diagnose and treat us appropriately. When you're struggling through your bowel prep and having a difficult time sticking to the restrictions, remind yourself of why you are doing this. Remind yourself of how important it is. Remember, you want (and deserve) a better life. No one deserves to be sick. Stick to your prep and try your hardest. Hope for the best and remember everything will be okay.

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